Ice drop for Christmas?

It’s that time of year when I start getting worried I won’t have my Christmas tatting done in time. It would help if I started earlier, but every year there is some reason or reasons it doesn’t happen. My main seasonal tatting is making a tatted ornament of some type to give to family and special friends. I’m just now getting started on them, and there is definitely not enough time to get them done!

I think I’m making Ice Drops again this year. I made simple, basic ones last year.

This year I’m getting a little more adventurous! Of course, they’ll take longer…

I started out with a Cosmic Ice Drop, pattern by Nicola Bowersox.

Cosmic Ice Drop in white without any beads on wandasknottythoughts
Cosmic Ice Drop in white without any beads

It’s not very cosmic without the beads her pattern calls for. I used white thread and a clear center. It came out well and I remembered how to do it – yay!

Ice Drop with red gem center on wandasknottythoughts
Ice Drop with red gem center

The Cosmic Ice Drop pattern is beautiful, but I don’t have time to locate and use beads in my tatting this year as I’ll be doing a lot of it in the car. So I came up with a different outside. I also had to modify the back, as the gem is cut like a diamond and sticks out the back.

Ice Drop back side with red gem center on wandasknottythoughts
Ice Drop back side with red gem center

I’m going to try some with darker thread, maybe blue. The white shows every bit of dirt that might be on your fingers. If I’m going to get many done I might not have pristine hands to tat with all the time.

I haven’t figured out how to tat in my sleep yet. I’ve dreamed about it but there is no solid evidence that tatting was done when I wake up. I guess I’ll have to stay up later instead.

“Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.” Sara Raasch

4 thoughts on “Ice drop for Christmas?”

  1. I like the white cosmic ice drop, I have only done it with beads, I’m doing one with green beads but I still perfer the purple beads, without beads it looks like a snowflake.

  2. Wish I could tat in my sleep as well! It would be handy at Christmas time and I imagine I could do it pain free as well! 😀

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