Ice Drops

Ice Drops inspired by LaceLovinLibrarian Diane on wandasknottythoughts
Ice Drops inspired by LaceLovinLibrarian Diane

I didn’t make snowflakes to go in Christmas cards this year.  Instead I was inspired by LaceLovinLibraian Diane to tat Ice Drops.   The only draw back is that I had to hand deliver them.  I ended up not making as many for Christmas as I would have if they were flat and could be mailed.

These were a lot of fun to make.  They also don’t take very long.

Diane inspired a lot of people to make these.  I’ve seen them in different colors, too, with beads and sequins.  I may eventually tat some in colors other than white, but for Christmas these worked out great.

I am now making a list of UTPs (Unfinished Tatting Projects).  The goal is to finish those first before getting in to other projects.

Now to remember where I put all those UTPs.

“I recently took up ice sculpting.  Last night I made an ice cube.  This morning I made 12, I was prolific.”   Mitch Hedberg

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    1. Thanks, Tim! Yes, I think they sell them at Hobby Lobby but I got these at the Dollar Tree. I found them in the floral department. They are decorative glass marbles, glass gems, that type of thing. They are flat on one side and come in lots of colors. I think JoAnn’s has them, too. Check out Diane’s blog,, she’s doing a lot of things with these. Thanks for stopping by.

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