Tatting in Yellowstone

When we travel I try to document myself tatting at different locations.  I admit I didn’t tat much on our Wyoming vacation, but I did think to pull it out at a few places. My husband surprised me by taking a video this time.  We are at Norris Geyser Basin pretty early in the morning. The museum located on the site is not even open yet. It is also chilly, which makes it hard to see the pools and geysers.  The steam is much thicker than normal but you can still hear the heated water. Because of the cloud cover, the fog, and the steam, you can’t tell which pool we are standing by – I think it is Emerald Pool. I hope this comes out.

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4 thoughts on “Tatting in Yellowstone”

    1. I had only seen geysers on TV before we went. It was amazing to see them in person! I’m so glad we had the chance to go.

  1. Wanda, I have not been to Yellowstone in over 35 years, so I am jealous! Nice to see you tatting there. I bet you loved the park. It is amazing. Is Old Faithful still spouting? I have heard there may be a time when it quits.
    See you in a few weeks in Georgia!


    1. We did love the park! Old Faithful is still spouting, and still draws an enormous amount of people to watch. I’m sure there have been a lot of changes since you went. They were doing some work by the overlooks at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and a few other places while we were there. And the people! So many! Of course, we did go in July, the busiest month. Loved it anyway 🙂
      Looking forward to seeing you in Georgia!

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