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I’ve finally been spending a little time on Craftree.com finding out more of what it has to offer, discovering more of the helpful things that are being added all the time.  There is a large library of books and patterns you can look through with descriptions of the books, what kind and how many patterns in each, and other facts about the books you might find helpful. These books can be added to your personal virtual bookshelf which makes it easier to find a pattern when you don’t remember which book it’s in.  And just keep track of which books you have so you don’t buy duplicates. 🙂
This weekend I went through most of my books and added them to my virtual bookshelf there.  I found several I forgot that I had!  One of these forgotten books was from Dillie Delights, “Twinkling Stars and Small Tatted Gifts” by Marsha Brackner.  I haven’t thought of this book in years.  Looking through it I remembered I had made (and still have) a snood sized for a doll.  I went looking for it and actually found it!
"Spider Web Snood" © 1986 from Twinkling Stars and Small Tatted Gifts tatted by Wanda Salmans
“Spider Web Snood” © 1986 from Twinkling Stars and Small Tatted Gifts
tatted by Wanda Salmans
I made this snood with size 30 DMC Cebellia thread, though the book recommends either size 10 or 20.  I don’t remember exactly what year I made it must have been either in the late 80’s or possibly the very early 90’s.  It was before I started tatting exclusively Front side/Back side, I just don’t remember when I started that.
"Spider Web Snood" © 1986 from Twinkling Stars and Small Tatted Gifts another view tatted by Wanda Salmans
“Spider Web Snood” © 1986 from Twinkling Stars and Small Tatted Gifts
tatted by Wanda Salmans
The book has several snood patterns that are suggested could be used as bags and pin cushions.  I only remember making the one snood out of the book even though my daughters were young and had long hair at the time.  I have no idea why I didn’t try making at least one for them.
Besides the snoods the book includes patterns for two stars, a snowflake, and a candy cane.  There are also suggestions for ways to use tatting.  I would consider most of the patterns good for beginners as there are few advanced techniques used.  There are no tatting instructions included but does have definitions of how to read the patterns in the book.  For technique help it refers to several other Dillie Delights books.
I’m sure these patterns wouldn’t take very long to make.  I have granddaughters now, I wonder if they would wear a snood?
“How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair?”
Author Unknown

14 thoughts on “Spider Web Snood”

    1. I'm finding a lot of helpful things in Craftree but haven't had time to familiarize myself with it much yet. I don't think snoods go well with current fashions. Maybe they'll come back some day 🙂

  1. Looks great I love snoods great way to show off tatting! I do where mine I think it has to be this the right style like Shabby Chic or a bit the Steam Punk 🙂 This doll work too 🙂

  2. Very very pretty !
    I wear a snood over my bun, but always in black. Have been meaning to make one for myself for quite a while now – waiting to buy black thread in size 40….
    I used to make them (crochet) in various colours & my sis loved to match them with her outfit & wear them – she carried them off very well, very hip … till she cut her hair eventually ;-P
    Besides so many other advantages of Craftree, I am currently using it to refer to the contents of, & possible comments/feedback posted, before buying a tatting book. It has helped me form decisions !

    1. Thank you! I wish I could wear them. Even when my hair was long enough to put up I couldn't keep something like this in my hair. It is so fine I had a hard time doing much with it. I never got the knack of how to keep buns from falling down 🙂

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