I have a confession to make.
I hate cleaning. 
I would rather watch tatting dry than clean the house.
And I’m not a neat person, making my house somewhat cluttered.  
So when I do clean house it takes a lot of time.  (I keep telling myself I’m going to do better, pick up things more often – but it hasn’t happened yet.) We don’t have people over often  – we would probably keep the house up better if we did – so when we plan to have company we have a lot to do.  Then it comes down to the wire and I start putting my clutter in boxes so I can stash them out of the way in a hurry, thinking, of course, that I’ll go back soon and take care of all of it when the company is gone.  
What usually happens is most of it stays in the boxes and I start the clutter all over again.  Those things I thought I was using/needing are replaced by other things.
Yesterday I was going through a box of such things when I came across a couple of pattern books I knew I had but couldn’t find.  Yea!
The “Tatted Animals” book by Inga Madsen I had purposely purchased to have patterns suitable for boys – what boy doesn’t like animals of some sort?  I have already started a project out of it, though it’s not for one of the boys, it’s for a niece ā˜ŗ
Also in the box were these note cards I made probably twenty years ago, possibly more.  They are large, unlined index cards – 5″ by 8″? – folded in half.  The thread used is DMC size 8 in various colors, the only thread I could find at the time that came in so many colors.  I wasn’t much of an artist with these, but I was guaranteed that the recipient wouldn’t be getting cards like these from anyone else.  And they would know who it was from.

There were a lot of other things in the box that I had been looking for.  I kick myself sometimes for how unorganized I am.  I really, really need to start putting things away better.
I also need to start spending less time on social media and the Internet in general.  I get sucked in and spend more time there than I plan to.  But, the other day while on Facebook there was a suggested article, you know, one of those that pops in that are chosen for you based on what you’ve read or searched for, from, which I found interesting. And it mentions tatting by name!
Celina Anzalone, 2264 First Ave. making lace for Cappallino's factory near by. (Library of Congress)
Picture from
That’s only 10 skills for us tatters!
For myself, better housekeeping should probably be on this list of skills I don’t have.
“Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door.”
Marcelene Cox

9 thoughts on “Cleaning?”

  1. Oh, I don't know, there's a pretty long tradition of non-housekeeping in my family. I don't think that's a skill any of my ancestors had in greater abundance than I do. I'm just glad to live in a small apartment, where there are only so many places a thing could possibly be!

  2. Wow! Ditto, ditto, ditto! You've saved me the effort of writing this same post! I'm in that 'company coming' mode right now! Considering the fact that you have a full time job, I'm amazed you accomplish all that you
    do! Quite amusing about the mention of tatting on Ancestry!

  3. Great mail on our ancesters. I believe we can still do all these things, if we want to. I can't tidy up when I 'm alone, I need someone to talk to, otherwise , it is painful.

  4. They also say "Housekeeping is like stringing beads with out a knot on the end." If you notice on my blog, I go out side for most pictures there is a reason for that šŸ™‚ my backgrounds in the house, our so bad šŸ™‚

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