Oh, look! It’s a puppy!

The other day we happened by a yarn shop in Wichita called “twist”.  Some yarn shops have a few things that are of interest to tatters like me that don’t knit or crochet so I stopped in.  They didn’t have any shuttles though they did carry several shades of Nazli Gelin Garden 10 thread, the brand I am making my vest out of. But sometimes you can find some interesting things with the accessories – the stitch markers, tip guards, that type of thing.
And look what I found – a puppy!
A tiny pair of snip scissors shaped like a puppy.  They had these in kitty shape also, but they were down to green puppies and orange kitties and orange is way down on my list of favorite colors.  It was suggested that I make sure it works okay before I bought it as sometimes they don’t cut well.  A few snips on a scrap piece of yarn proved I had a good one and it was mine.

This is a regular-sized Clover shuttle beside it so you can see that it’s a pretty small pair of snips.  Just the right size to carry in a tatting kit. I’m pretty sure most airlines wouldn’t have a problem with these.
We had a wonderful Easter this year.  The weather was wonderful and most of the family was able to get together.  On one side of the family we had dinner and an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, then Sunday after church we had lunch with the other side of the family.  
A few weeks ago I mentioned I had an idea for all the Rainbow Splash Easter eggs I was making.  Believe it or not I was able to put it together just in time for the weekend. My version of an egg tree, except mine had bunny faces and baskets on it, too. 

I found it a bit difficult to take a picture of it, though.  Far enough away to get the whole thing in was almost too far away to see what was on it.  It actually looked pretty good as decoration.  
Then I decided to share with family. I took the tatted pieces off the tree and glued them to wood shapes then put magnets on the back.  At each of the dinners I let the women of the family have a choice of one.  (The kids were busy with Easter egg treats and the guys were – guys)
The magnets were well received. At least no-one turned then down šŸ™‚

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I’m enjoying a cup of Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea in a cup decorated with cherry blossoms.  It has a very “spring” feel to it, with all the blossoms.  The cup and saucer are edged in a light green that just matches the green in one of my tatted doilies. 

I can’t remember where I got this set, from my mother or at an antique shop (most antique shops around here carry a lot of things that aren’t strictly speaking antiques). It’s Rosina bone china from England, though it doesn’t specify the design.   It is adding a bright, spring accent to my tea today. 
“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”
Chaim Potok

7 thoughts on “Oh, look! It’s a puppy!”

  1. Such sweet scissors and I want some šŸ™‚ and the tree ornaments are super sweet too love those bunny faces! And cup with saucer on your doily three great pics on one post!

  2. Hello Wanda, your new puppy scissors are so cute! That would be great if they could go on a plane. Tatting on a plane seems natural.
    The tatting tree is great. All your rainbow tats hanging there do look nice. And they look fab as magnets too! I am sure your family were tickled to take one home.
    I also adore, truly adore, your tea cup. I went to eBay to see if I could find this one, but not today. I just love the coloring, shape and style! I love that green too, and your own handiwork below it is gorgeous!

  3. I love your new sissors, I want one but I expect it will be a while before they arrive here in the UK.
    I will look up your china later, if I find anything out I will come back to you and let you know.
    Lovely display for Easter

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