Fall Housekeeping

So, I was trying to get a little more organized (don’t laugh, it could happen) and cleaning out my “tatting cabinet” – an old dresser that sits in our living room and holds most of my thread. As I was going through all the balls of thread I kept finding shuttles, all holding at least some thread of one sort or another.
The problem, of course, is I don’t know what the threads are. I’m sure I have most of the colors/sizes somewhere, but is it worth it to try to figure that out with the (usually) small amount of thread on them? I think I’ll be making a lot of butterflies and flowers to try to empty them out. I’ve got a lot of Christmas tatting to do and I could use a few empty shuttles:- )

Speaking of Christmas tatting, I did get a few snowflakes done while on the trip back from Washington, D.C. I figured I needed a lot of snowflakes for the Christmas cards, and if I only took one color of thread it would take up less space. And maybe I wouldn’t get too sidetracked and start something else!
The one on the top left was supposed to be like the one on the top right, but I knew before I started the outside round that my stitch count was off and it wasn’t going to work, so it was modified a little. The one in the middle and the one on the bottom left were supposed to be the same, and again, the stitch count changed just a little. But it will work. I made the small ones – they are about an inch across – for project I’m working on. It was fun trying to come up with very small six-pointed shapes. Okay, some have more points than that, but they’re snowflakes if anybody asks, and all are made with Lizbeth white in size 20.

For my trip I took my tatting in my new tatting tin. It’s an Altoid mint tin that I decoupaged (I keep finding things to cover!). It holds two shuttles, the short crochet hook, the scissors, the necklace they attach to and the needle book. It fit very nicely in my purse and looked great while doing it.

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I’m sipping hot Cinnamon Apple Spice tea I found at the store the other day. It smells and tastes yummy! I’m not sure how much tatting I’ll get done today though – I’ve been neglecting the house since I’ve gotten back from D.C. I really need to get things done before it gets too out of hand.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week.

9 thoughts on “Fall Housekeeping”

  1. Oh, I love the tin! I use an Altoids tin as well that I covered with paper and then clear nail polish (knowing NOTHING about decoupage) I didn't cover the sides thoug and I like how yours looks. Gonna have to buy some more mints…
    Fox : )

    The snowflakes all look lovely, by the way!

  2. Ha, looks like home, that bowl of shuttles with thread on them!

    Love the tin. I have several altoid tins but can't seem to eat the mints up! Can't bring myself to just pitch the mints either but I suppose one of these days they will be old enough that it would be the preferred action. :-)))

  3. I thought I had a lot of shuttles with bits of thread on them – I believe you win!

    I love the tin – I save those Altoid tins just knowing they will be handy for something! Maybe I need to make a matching tin and shuttle!

  4. I have to admit I don't have a lot of shuttles, I guess because I use bobbins. I'm always amazed at the shuttles everyone acquires! That's quite a 'bowlful' you have there – and colorful too! I do find balls of thread here and there!

    I'm certainly impressed by the sweet snowflakes you tatted on your trip – and even 'adapting' as you go!

    If I had to insert actual tatting in my cards, no one would be getting cards! I just put a photo of my tatting on the front of the card! I can't believe how many tatters send actual tatting!!!

    My SIL was totally impressed with your pumpkin bookmark! She couldnt' believe you gave away your prototype!!
    I'll be showcasing it in a special protective box/frame (under lock and key and chained to my body) at our two Holiday events in December – with credit given to you, of course!

  5. AH-HA!! I found it! I have been looking for the this elusive little motif since I saw it elsewhere (where I did not want to comment! I love it! It has movement and whimsy in its curves. You've created a lovely design!
    Fox : )

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