Tatting Tea Tuesday with Hearts

Welcome to Tatting Tea Tuesday. And a bunch of hearts.
As it’s February, the month of hearts so to speak, I thought I’d share one of the hearts I made quite a few years ago. This is “Gypsy Heart” by Teri Dusenbury from her Tatting Hearts book. I put it on a T-shirt with two accent pieces on the sides that are the same as part of the heart, the lines with what I see as butterflies straightened out. I didn’t sew this on, I glued it on with material glue. I can’t remember what brand, but it’s still on the shirt. Not that I wear it that much, but still.

The other hearts are on this cute mug I found at a second hand store and a strawberry chocolate covered heart from Russell Stover, mmm!

If you haven’t tried any of Teri’s patterns, they can be challenging. They aren’t the type you can watch TV and do. You need to pay attention. But they are definitely worth doing. She has been putting up a lot of patterns on her blog Tatbits Tatting. She does lots with beads and crystals. Wonderful stuff, you should check it out.

I made this heart in January of 1993. It’s hard to believe I have been tatting this well, if I do say it myself, that long. Okay, I think it came out very well. This is me showing off the shirt way back when.

I haven’t gotten much of anything else done this week. I’m hoping that this next week will settle down a little bit. I’ll let you know next week!

7 thoughts on “Tatting Tea Tuesday with Hearts”

  1. I bought that "Tatting Hearts" book years ago, but I have been hesitant to tackle anything in there. I'm glad to hear even YOU say that the patterns are not so easy-peasy to follow.

    Love the picture – nice earrings 🙂

  2. Great job and the heart looks so pretty on the T (and you!) I've tatted several hearts from that book but not for a long time. They are not very tatter-friendly so I have to be in "smart" mode before I tat them. LOL!

  3. I have that book too. Bought it a LONG time ago. Tatted one heart, then shelved it until my skill advanced. LOL!

    Glad to see I'm in good company in appreciation of a heart challenge.

    Your 1.21 gigawatt-smile outshines everything else in that fetching photo. Love it! You could go back to the future with that electrifying grin.

  4. I know YOU! Your name didn't ring a bell until I saw that picture of you in the T-shirt! You sent me that very picture so many years ago and I still have it in the Archives collection along with your bio. Thank you for the wonderful endorsement on tatting my designs and for actually tatting one.

  5. Thanks, Carol. She does have some wonderful hearts.

    Do try a heart from the book, Cindy. They look great when their done and you will feel great when you finish! Glad you like the earrings!

    LOL Isdihara! I wasn't used to posing for pictures!

    Oh, Gina, I so agree with you. You have to be ready to put all your attention into your tatting. But the results are definitely worth it.

    I'm honored Teri that you remember that! I remember how excited I was when I finished that heart. I thought "I can really DO this!" I very much admire you and your designs, though I must be in very serious 'tatting mode' when I work your patterns. They are truly challenging (but look soooo good!)

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