Horse bookmark

I haven’t gotten a lot of tatting done this week. I did start several things that were relegated to the trash, though (this is what happens when you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing.)

I did finally get the horse head onto a paperclip. This had been in my mind since I first started looking for a horse pattern, which turned out to be a seahorse modified, found here on ds9designs by Debbie Arnold. This is a little bulkier than the butterflies and doodles I’ve put on paperclips before, so I made the attachment to the clip a bit more robust than usual. The horse now holds its head up pretty well.

This one is made from HH Lizbeth thread size 20 in purple. This is the best picture I could get – all the others were fuzzy (I think it’s me, not the camera). I’m planning on doing a few more of these in different colors, maybe even with a bead for the eye, okay, if I sit down long enough to try it. My sister and I are thinking of doing a local craft show this fall and I thought this type of thing might go over well, and they don’t take long to make, either. And I have a box of 100 large paperclips in different colors, so all I have to do now is the tatting.

Maybe this next week I’ll get a little more tatting done that’s even good enough to keep!

6 thoughts on “Horse bookmark”

  1. I like your horse design – it makes a cute bookmark! I'm anxious to see it in some other colors if you do make more.

    I seem to be having that same time issue – which causes me to have that same "not paying attention to what I'm doing" syndrome. Hhmmpph. Hate it when that happens.

  2. Diane, paperclip bookmarks are quick and easy, you definately need to try them. No, I didn't stiffen the horse but I did attach it to the paperclip higher up the back than most other motifs I've seen to keep it upright. I'm glad you like the looks of the blog.

    Thanks, Cindy. The horse is pretty simple. Debbie diagrammed it so it's easy to follow and choose where you want to start.

    Thanks, Tatskool!

  3. I really like the horse bookmark! ! Absolutely darling. I want to try one for one of my nieces. She loves horses. How did you attach it to the paper clip? How big is the paper clip?
    Thanks VWT

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