One pair done!

I have one pair of baby booties done! Tomorrow I’ll see how this pair fits the youngest – he’s three weeks old now.

I have another bootie done that is a little bit bigger for the older of the boys. But I don’t know how close it is. I’ve got a couple of ideas to see if it’s close. Then I’ll know if I have only one more to make or another set. Let’s hope just one!

I haven’t had time to take pictures of them yet, but when I get the chance I will get them posted.

I actually kept track of how long it took me to get one bootie done this time and it was a lot longer than I thought! Mostly I just pick up whatever I’m working on whenever I get the chance and it’s done when it’s done. I think I like it better that way, but when you have a deadline you have to keep your eye on the clock. And this deadline is coming up fast!

I’d better get back to work!

3 thoughts on “One pair done!”

  1. WoW you have been busy! I just went and checked on some of your recent posts I haven’t looked at! Looks like you are keeping pretty busy for being ‘too tired to tat’ LOL!
    I am still busy with knitting, so I haven’t even picked up a shuttle since finishing my round robin bookmarks! YIKES!!! And now yesterday I just got a HUGE knitting order! for 14 (yep you read right fourteen) knitted backscrubbers! LOL sure glad this last week I just learned to knit in multiples on the needles. I have 4 going right now on the same set of needles!
    Can’t wait to see you booties pictured!

  2. I had a lady ask me how much I’d charge to tat a pair of booties and I paid attention to how much time it took to do the first one. 11 hours for one, but the pattern was from a vintage book so it was made n bits and pieces. When she found out what it was going to cost, she didn’t want them any more and I was glad. It was a stinker to work on and had dozens of ends to hide. So I know what you mean about the deadline, I figure a pair is going to take about a week of uninterrupted tatting time.

  3. Wow back at you, Connie! You’re going to be busy for a bit! Glad you found a way to make it go a bit faster. Give yourself a break once in awhile at pick up a shuttle (after you shake them out and maybe get a backrub;) )I’m hoping to have pictures in a couple of days.

    You are so right, Sharon, at least a week. The pattern I’m using is from Workbasket and is done in rounds. Yes, I cut and hide ends. One day I’ll take the time to learn a few more shortcuts, but for the moment this will have to do. And I think my daughters will appreciate them, they’ve seen how much work goes into my tatting.

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