My Patterns

These patterns are copyrighted originals and may be used by anybody. You may make copies for your own use, but please do not reprint or repost without my express permission.  When making or sharing any of these patterns please acknowledge the designer (me!).  I’d love to hear back from anyone that makes something from my patterns.  You can post a comment on my blog or email me at

Ally Snowflake
April’s Cross Bookmark
Basket Paperclip Doodle
Branson Bookmark
Bunny Face
Button-Centered Tatted Snowman
Christmas Bell 2007
Christmas Ornaments 2015
Christmas Snowflake 2010
Crowned Wheel
December Star 2011
Diane’s Dare
Easter Egg
Emma Edging
Fall Bookmark
Flag Pin
Flagged Edging  updated 1/9/15
Graduation Cross Bookmark
Hanging Basket Edging
Joy’s Heart                                                                                                                                  Lanyard 2016
Leaf with DragonFly Earrings
Mandy Edging
Medallion Cross Bookmark
Morgan Mouse
Queen’s Crown Edging
Row of Crowns Edging
Small DragonFly Earrings
Split Ring Cross
Sydney, a Snowflake


15 thoughts on “My Patterns”

  1. Hi Wanda, just a note to say thank you for all of these wonderful patterns! I am so looking forward to start working on the flag one first. Have to brush up on my SSSR! Thanks again and happy tatting!

  2. Ups…retiro lo dicho, ahora los puedo ver en el archivo pdf con ilustraciones y todo. Gracias por compartirlos, tengo muchas ganas de tejer unos copos para mi arbolito, aunque aquí en Chile es verano y nunca hay nieve en mi ciudad.
    Muchos cariños

  3. Hi Wanda…thanks for the neat patterns. I read some of the other postings, and I have to try and remember what the SSSR is..! I guess I better start a note book. I should know that by now! I am in InTatters also, I will have to look for you in there.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful patterns and I will try and make some and let you know if I make them or want to place on my blog the heart and mouse are my favorite just so ya know !
    hugs from Carollyn

  5. Oh my :0 🙂 the Hearts Honor is beautiful but funny, I suppose that was a really knotty thought. Making it should keep a smile on my face. I won't be able to get myself to use it in my Bible though. Lol

  6. muchisimas gracias por todos esos patrones preciosos. le confieso que solo he tejido una sola vez fivrolite pero estoy muy entusiasmada por seguir tejiendo y ahora mucho mas con sus patrones muchas GRACIAS DIOS LA BENDIGA

  7. Hello Wanda, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tatting patterns. I love your work, and think that you are so talented. It is very kind and generous of you to share your patterns. I am thrilled, as I know a lot of other tatters are too. I recently made your "Sydney, a snowflake" pattern, but it ended up on a co-workers Xmas tree as she liked it so much. Thank you again, Elizabeth

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