One UFO Done

I finished a UFO! (Un-Finished Object)

Tatted bookmark in Lizbeth size 20, previously a UFO on wandasknottythoughts
Finished tatted bookmark, previously a UFO

I finally found the thread I started this bookmark with.  Unfortunately, the label came out.  I know this is Lizbeth size 20, and I think it’s color #646 Purple Iris Lt.

This piece works up with a bit of a wave to it.  After spraying with water, a few pins in certain areas tame it.  A ribbon down the center, over and under the rings in the middle, would look nice in it.  I even have the correct number of holes to keep the ribbon on the backside at both ends.  Will wonders never cease?

I have two more UFOs handy that I plan to work on, but I also have a couple of things I want to make before Easter.  I’ll have to keep my eye on the calendar so I don’t procrastinate too long on those.

It’s only one week until International Tatting Day, April 1st.  Right now I do not have any plans to TIP (tat in public) that day.  But it is a week away and a lot can change by then.  Do you have any plans for ITD?

“Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun.”  Christina Rossetti

Back on bookmarks

I usually keep several tatted bookmarks on hand for small gifts to go inside cards.  These are for condolences, just-because, (forgotten) birthdays, or other special occasions.   Recently I’ve found I don’t have any bookmarks made.  Oops, I need to get busy!

Tatted 'Branson' bookmark in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20 on wandasknottythoughts
‘Branson’ bookmark in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20

I made my ‘Branson’ bookmark in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20.  This one is easy to do while a passenger in the car on the way to work.  I already had one shuttle which needed to be emptied so I can count it as finishing up a project, right?

Unfinished tatted bookmark from Alaska pattern
Unfinished bookmark

I found a partially done bookmark to work on next.  The pattern is from one of my Alaska bookmarks.  The picture makes it look like a variegated thread though it is not.  Unfortunately, I lost the ball of the thread for this.  I’m almost done but both shuttles are too low on thread to finish.  Back in the UFO (Un-Finished Object) drawer.

I told myself I would work on UFOs before starting new projects.   But I really need to stock up on bookmarks.  Maybe I have another unfinished bookmark somewhere.  I’ll have to look.  If not, I’ll just have to start another project and finish it so as not to add to the UFOs.

The ‘Branson’ bookmark pattern can be found on my Pattern Page.  I have not written out the Alaska bookmark.

“I just got out of the hospital.
I was in a speed-reading accident.
I hit a bookmark.”                          Steve Write

Old UFO found

While looking for something else (I can’t remember what) I found some tatting I started several years ago. Okay, it looks like I started and pretty much finished, too, except for tying off the last ends and clipping all the tails I left. They’re obviously edgings and at least five years old – I have no idea what I made them for. They are not very long, about 9 inches when blocked like this, and 3 1/4 inches wide. I’m sure it’s DMC size 30 ecru as I used to do a lot of tatting in it and is one of my patterns. I used to make a lot of cloth runners with tatting at the ends but they were usually at least 12 inches wide but I suppose they could be for that. Maybe for two small wall hangings?
I’m not sure what they were for originally but I’m sure I can figure out something to do with them. A UFO (UnFinished Object) that is actually finished – how cool is that?
While surfing the web the other day I found a darling little purse idea. Over at MeiJo’s Joy she has a tutorial for making the cutest little pop-open purse. It really caught my eye because of the shape of the pieces the purse is made of – they’re shuttle-shaped! And she did such a cute job of decorating it. I keep thinking it would be so cute to hold shuttles.
Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I enjoyed a cup (or two) of Apple Spice tea, very yummy. And I actually got a little tatting in!
‘Be who you are and say what you feel…
Because those that matter… don’t mind…
And those that mind… don’t matter.’