Tatted flowers for her birthday

My mother celebrated her birthday recently.  This happens every year, of course, but sometimes it coincides with Mother’s Day.  This year it didn’t, which made it much easier on the family.  We always try to do something special for her birthday and something else for Mother’s Day.  Everyone deserves to celebrate their birthday separate to a holiday, don’t they?

Metal leaf ornament from Durham Museum, Omaha, Nebraska on wandasknottythoughts
Metal leaf ornament

My sister and I found this beautiful metal leaf decoration in the gift shop of the Durham Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.  When we saw it we immediately knew our mother would love it.  It also isn’t something you can buy at any Wal-mart.  How perfect as a birthday gift.

We also gave her a birthday card from both of us that I decorated with a few tatted flowers.  I frequently add simple tatted flowers to cards, usually just single rings of picots.  This time I layered them.  The thread was almost an exact match to the flowers on the front of the card.

Tatted flowers on birthday card on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted flowers on birthday card

Mother was very happy with both the gift and the card.

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”  William Barclay

Progress and Flowers

I didn’t find where I might have written down the pattern for the doily *sigh*. So I counted stitches and wrote it down. In pencil. And I’ve started making it in Lizbeth size 20 ‘Western Sunset’. It’s shades of red and purples. The second round I’m using red as the chain thread to see how that looks. I’m not sure yet if I’ll like it, but thought I’d try it. The ‘Western Sunset’ was already on a couple of shuttles so I could start right away after I had the pattern done. As there’s nothing fancy in this doily, just one shuttle and ball, it should go rather quickly. No promises about how fast it will get done but it would be nice to have finished by Tuesday :-).

The flowers in the picture are kind of a funny story. I had the idea of taking flowers to church on Sunday (Mother’s Day) and handing them out to all the ladies. We don’t have a large congregation so it wouldn’t be hard or expensive. There were a lot of choices at the store including these bright and cheery colored daisies. When I was getting in the car I realized that daisies really don’t smell all that wonderful, maybe carnations would have been a better choice? But each lady would get several flowers on a stem with the daisies and they were bright and cheery so it was still okay. I left the flowers bundled up but in water overnight. Sunday morning I took the rubber band and the plastic from around them and spread them out a bit so they would be easy to pull out of the vase. And noticed that my fingers were a bright and cheery blue! I was pretty sure none of the ladies at church would want blue dye stains on their clothes or hands. I ended up not taking the flowers to church. Carnations would have been better.

The daisies do look good on my table, though, in their bright and cheery blue water.