Two Cross Bookmarks

It seems like a long time since I last posted. Oh, it has been! Every time I tried to sit down to post something more urgent or import came to my attention. If it wasn’t for the family it was for the church. There were grandchildren’s ball games to attend, their concerts to enjoy, a few birthday parties to celebrate, and several activities with the church. All of these events included some length of travel. Unfortunately for my tatting, I was driving instead of a passenger to most of these events, so very little was accomplished.

Sadly, what little tatting I have completed lately has been for funerals; one of my husband’s cousins and the father of a friend of mine passed within a week of each other. Both had been ill for some time so they weren’t surprising, but that doesn’t make them any less hard on the families.

Traditionally, I put a tatted cross bookmark in the sympathy card. I usually have several already made, kept in a drawer to be handy for such occasions. I’m sure I have a couple somewhere, but they are temporarily misplaced. Still, I needed two. One I started on the way to work and finished on the way to the funeral. The other I was actually able to sit down at home and do.

Tatted Cross Bookmark in Autumn Spice size 20 on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted Cross Bookmark in Autumn Spice

This one was finished on the way to the funeral. The best background I had was my leg. It is in Lizbeth size 20 #136 Autumn Spice.

Tatted Cross Bookmark in Vineyard Harvest size 20 on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted Cross Bookmark in Vineyard Harvest

I took the time to tat this one at home. It is in Lizbeth size 20 #131 Vineyard Harvest.

I am now trying to figure out how to I’ll find the time to tat Christmas ornaments. Every year I include them in Christmas cards for family and special friends. I haven’t even started. I haven’t even decided what I’m making yet.

Do you think I could tat them in my sleep?

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”  Norman Cousins

Luther’s Rose

October 31 most people think of as Halloween – trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns, and scary movies. But it is also the anniversary of the Reformation, a change in religious, political, intellectual and cultural life in 16th-century Europe. It is usually thought of as starting in 1517 when Martin Luther’s 95 Theses was first published.  This year is the 500 anniversary of that event. In Bible study, we’ve been learning about Luther’s life and influence. One of the things I learned about is Luther’s seal, known as Luther’s Rose and how it represents his theology.

Tatted Luther's Rose on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted Luther’s Rose

A few weeks ago while I was talking about something else I had tatted, our pastor had jokingly said something about me tatting Luther’s Rose. That got me thinking about how I could do it. So I made one.

Tatted heart for Luther's Rose on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted heart for Luther’s Rose

The red heart was the first thing I tried. I reviewed other tatted heart patterns and pictures I found on the internet and in my books at home. I put this one together, which is very similar to a couple I saw. It has a few small mistakes but no-one will know except me.

Tatted cross for Luther's Rose on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted cross for Luther’s Rose

I tried several versions of a small black cross before I ended up with this one. The version I thought I was happy with ended up being a bit too small, so I had to enlarge it a bit. This is a very simple pattern that came out well as the center of the Rose.

Tatted rose and outer rings of Luther's Rose on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted rose and outer rings of Luther’s Rose

The white rose was the hardest to come up with – at least to get started. Once I started it just came together. Okay, I just kept increasing each round by two picots :-). There are a few things I would do differently if I made this again, but overall I’m happy it.

The blue round was only having to decide on how many stitches in each chain fit around the rose. Luther’s rose description does not describe having green leaves but I think it helps define the separation of the rose petals.

The first of the gold outer rings was easy, too, again just getting the stitch count to work. The second round was a little trickier. I wanted to use Catherine Wheel joins but I’ve never used them in a project before. YouTube is a wonderful invention! I was able to watch Marilee Rockley do Catherine Wheel joins over and over until I got them right!

After finishing the tatting I needed to mount it. I had a large frame at home that would have worked, then I saw one at the store that would work sooo much better. Or a least looked like it fit the project better anyway. I chose two shades of grey cardstock to display it on, with two layers around the tatting so it didn’t get squashed up against the glass. I don’t have a round stencil that fit around the tatting so I used a cottage cheese container – worked great!

Luther's Rose mounted and framed on wandasknottythoughts
Luther’s Rose mounted and framed

As part of the display, I included the meanings of the theology of the Rose. It came out very well!

At church, we celebrated Reformation today, October 29. I took my finished and framed Luther’s Rose and presented it there. I think it will look great there. My pastor liked it well enough he took my picture.

Finished Luther's Rose at church on wandasknottythoughts
Finished Luther’s Rose at church

I get no compensation for any of the links in this article.

Known commonly as Luther’s Rose, this symbol was devised as a personal seal by Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant Reformation and founder of the Lutheran Church, to symbolize his personal theological beliefs. It is now generally used to symbolize the Lutheran Church.

Luther describes his emblem:

The first thing expressed in my seal is a cross, black, within the heart, to put me in mind that faith in Christ crucified saves us. “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness.”

Now, although the cross is black, mortified, and intended to cause pain, yet it does not change the color of the heart, does not destroy nature — i.e., does not kill, but keeps alive. “For the just shall live by faith,” — by faith in the Savior.

But this heart is fixed upon the center of a white rose, to show that faith causes joy, consolation and peace. The rose is white, not red, because white is the ideal color of all angels and blessed spirits.

This rose, moreover, is fixed in a sky-colored ground, to denote that such joy of faith in the spirit is but an earnest and beginning of heavenly joy to come, as anticipated and held by hope, though not yet revealed.

And around this ground base is a golden ring, to signify that such bliss in heaven is endless, and more precious than all joys and treasures, since gold is the best and most precious metal. Christ, dear Lord, He will give grace unto eternal life.”


‘Milan’ cross bookmark

I have so many things I would like to be making at the moment that I don’t get any of them started.  To keep from not accomplishing anything I’ve kept on making bookmarks.

"Milan" tatted cross bookmark on wandasknottythoughts
“Milan” tatted cross bookmark

I had a few false starts when making “Milan” cross bookmark.  The first time the long, bottom leg came out great but I hadn’t thought through how to make the ‘arms’.  The second time I finished it but the bottom leg was way too wide.  I’ll keep it for myself – I did put a lot of work into it – but it looks rather odd. (I did not take a picture of it.) I learned a lot from both trials and this is the result.

"Milan" tatted cross bookmark in Lizbeth size 20, #658 on wandasknottythoughts
“Milan” tatted cross bookmark in Lizbeth size 20, #658

When making “Milan” center it doesn’t lay flat but once the arms are made it lays flat with minimal blocking.  Just putting this in a book or putting something heavy on it would straighten it out well.  My problem with it was my chains – I couldn’t keep the tension right.  I am pleased with how this one in Ocean Turquoise Light turned out.

Now if I can only get organized to work on the other things I want to!

“To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.”  Eva Young

Sympathy bookmark

Tatted cross bookmark to go inside a sympathy card on wandasknottythougths
Tatted cross with sympathy card

I had the occasion to use one of the cross bookmarks I tatted recently.  Sadly it was put in a sympathy card to a friend on the loss of their mother.  This is one reason I keep these bookmarks on hand, to send as a small token of my sympathy to let them know I am thinking of them during their time of grief.

“The people you have in your life grow and occupy space in the tapestry that makes up your life. When they are gone, it makes a hole where they used to be. The memories and love are still there and may always be there. So don’t look at your tapestry as filled with holes- look at it as your own unique lace pattern. The pattern isn’t over, but it is constantly changing. The pain of loss doesn’t ever really go away, but it does lessen over time.”   Unknown

Pizzaz Tatting

Grape Pizzaz anyway.

Tatted cross in Grape Pizzaz size 20 Lizbeth on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted cross in Grape Pizzaz

I spent most of Tuesday in a waiting room while my mother underwent a medical procedure.  It was supposed to be at 9:30 A.M. but of course they want the patient there early.  I arrived at 8:30 A.M, a little late to see her as they took her to the back at 8:00 A.M.

And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  They finally started the procedure at 12:10 P.M.

Then we waited some more while the procedure was done.  Which took two hours.

Then we waited some more while she was in recovery.

I have been making a few bookmarks to refill my gift supply.  Most recently it has been the Graduation bookmark in Lizbeth Grape Pizzaz size 20.  I’d finished one in it and begun another.  This thread is what I had in my purse Tuesday morning.  The only thread I had in my purse.

Two tatted crosses in Grape Pizzaz size 20 Lizbeth thread on wandasknottythoughts
Two tatted crosses in Grape Pizzaz

Finishing the cross was the first thing I tatted in the waiting room.  I could have done another one – or two, or three – during the wait but I chose to do other things.

Waiting room tatting in Grape Pizzaz size 20 Lizbeth on wandasknottythoughts
Waiting room tatting

Tatting around the button was because, um, I had the button.  The butterflies and flowers as small things I make when there isn’t much thread left on the shuttles.  I use these on letters and notes to brighten them up 🙂  A clear glass gem from the bottom of my tatting bag became an Ice Drop.  Thanks to Diane for having the information on her blog to refresh my memory on how to make them!

I took quite a few breaks from tatting during the waiting for lack of a strategy for the day.  If I’d had a large project with me a lot could have been accomplished.  Alas, I didn’t have much of a plan for tatting, so was unprepared.  How odd of me.  This was not a surprise procedure, I should have had a better plan.

The good news is my mother is doing well.  She’ll have to take things easy for a while, but she is at home where she can be comfortable.

I have found several UFOs I should work on.  I’ve also started a list of things I want to tat.  Hmm, which will it be?

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect!”


My tatting this week consisted of making a couple of cross bookmarks. I started with the one on the right, with an idea of how I wanted the ends to look. I started several times because it didn’t work quite right. I did this in tatting instead of with computer software because I had more time to do it that way. I would have liked to do it with software but it’s a little harder to take my laptop everywhere than it is my tatting. That’s one of the great things about tatting, isn’t it? The portability.

I am pretty happy with the result of the first one. I used a SCMR on the ends of each arm and one in the center as well. I did have a little trouble making up my mind about the tassels on each end, trying several different things before I decided that the spiral tails looked right. The entire pattern is straight forward and easy which will make it an excellent bookmark to make quickly give for special occasions.

There were a few things I thought might work better done slightly differently so made another one. On the second cross I made the end SCMRs a little bigger and each of the thrown rings a little differently, too. I had planned on doing the center the same way as the first cross but I made a little mistake that I didn’t notice ’til I came around the next time. I thought it would work, so continued on with that change. I actually like this center better than the first. I did plan the tassels a little better this time so I didn’t have to start over and over and over. Using a software program might have helped a little here also, to decide on the size of the rings compared to the rest of the cross. I definitely need to take some time to utilize more of what I learned about software designing in the Design-Tat class.

Both crosses are made with Lizbeth size 20 threads, center in #633 dark purple, outside in #127 Butterfly Breeze. These are #19 of my second 25 Motif Challenge. I am working on writing out and diagramming the pattern for these – again, need computer time to get it done. I’ve got a good start but still have a long way to go.

I’m still drinking hot tea on this Tatting Tea Tuesday. The weather has been rather cooler than normal this spring so it’s still more appealing yet than iced tea. Today Cinnamon Apple Spice really hit the spot. I think I’ll make another cup and work on my next project.

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Pat Riley

Tatting Tea Tuesday and Motif #10

This morning I’m enjoying a glass of iced Vanilla Rooibos tea, which I have come to like very much. It is described as “a lush and indulgent blend of rooibos, Tahitian vanilla, cinnamon, apples and peaches” (Tazo box label). Mmmm. I’m drinking my tea with my feet up -ignoring the dirty house – glad that I’m inside instead of outside. We’re currently enjoying very hot weather, but that should be no surprise, it is August in Kansas.

There has actually been a lot of tatting done this week but there’s very little to show for it. Several things have gone directly into the trash after completion, or maybe a little earlier. I was trying for some earrings – there are so many beautiful creations on others’ blogs that I just had to give it a try – but my first try was pretty ugly. First, I don’t use beads very much, and second, some days things just don’t work!! It did get a little better on my second try.

This is the only picture I have of these, because I was lazy and didn’t snap a picture until I was on my way out the door. I was on my way to enter a few things in a local county fair, including these. I had this last minute thought that I should enter some tatting that wasn’t “old fashioned”, something to show that tatting could be modern and fun. These are a long way from being as pretty as, say, any that I’ve seen so far, but I will wear them. My sister liked them, too. These are made in Lizbeth #682 Country Grape, Dk, size 20. I’m going to consider them motif #10 in my second 25 Motif Challenge.

I also made another cross bookmark in the same color based on the motif from the November 1953 Workbasket. I don’t know how I made such a mess of hiding the ends when I was done, but it is terrible! : (
Oh, well, I guess I need bookmarks, too.

Wishing you all a little time for tea and tatting.

Tatting Tea Tuesday with Tea and Tatting!

Greetings and Salutations! This has been a good week! A girl’s day out on Thursday with my sister was a load of fun. We got our nails done, went to a wonderful scrapbook store in Derby called ‘Scrappin’ Time’ (you may recall I just got back from vacation), had a relaxed lunch, visited with my daughter and her family, then went to JoAnne’s and spent lots of money! What could be more fun than that?

Then Saturday I had the evening to myself so I spent it going shopping again! Okay, didn’t spend nearly as much, and it wasn’t quite as much fun because I was by myself, but still! Went into a quilt store to drool over the material and found out they are going to be having a beginners quilt class at times I can even attend – amazing! A friend of mine had mentioned she was going to be going to this, but I hadn’t realized what the times. So we’re both signed up for it now.

Then it was on to the Salvation Army store to see if there were any good bargains to be had. And look what I found!

I’m almost positive I’ve already got a copy of this, but at $0.49 I couldn’t leave it there. It had a doily pattern and a motif pattern in it. I went home and made one of the motifs. Then I made another one. A simple pattern but nice look. These haven’t been blocked yet, but except for the clovers at the ends of the arms it lays pretty nice. I say that though the centers bowed up a little, then found out if you make the picots of the little rings longer that problem goes away.

I know this because I tried it on the third motif. When I was almost done with this one I thought “just extend one leg a little bit and it will be a cross” and it was.

The two-toned blue cross is made out of Manuela size 20 in color 019 (dark blue) and a DMC blue that I don’t have labeled. The variegated, unfinished cross is made from an unknown brand, size 30 thread that my mother gave me. I just added four more of the small rings to each side of the forth leg of the motif, and wa -la! a beautiful cross.

The second cross is for my mother as well as being made from thread she gave me. That was another thing that made it a good week: she picked up a bag of crochet thread from the senior center to give to me. I didn’t take it all because most if it was white and ecru! There were several new balls of thread, but I can’t see me ever using that much of regular crochet thread. I’ve gotten spoiled with Lizbeth and and few other types of thread that are much smoother and easier to tat with. But it was so nice of her I thought I’d make her a little something in the thread she liked the most.

I had more trouble with that thread than I’ve had in a long time! It was fuzzier than what I’m used to as well as being somewhat old – it kept breaking on me. Well, at least three times, and that’s only because I started being v-e-r-y careful when I closed rings. And then at the end I got in a hurry and cut off the threads a chain and ring early 🙁 Adding thread again for the last ring was a pain, but I was able to squeeze in the last chain with the little tail of the chain thread. Then I ran out of time. If I wanted a picture of it for this post I didn’t have time to sew in the ends. You can see what I chose to do about it.

I’m calling the original motif as #8 in my second 25 Motif Challenge, and the cross as #9.

The title says there will be tea and there was. My daughter gave me a box of Tazo vanilla tea, which I can’t remember the actual name of it. It has vanilla, of course, and a little peach and is very good. I had it on ice today. Though I was inside I saw that the outside temp was already 102 degrees (F). It made me hot just thinking about it.

Until next week, may you all have a little time for yourselves with a little tea and tatting.

Chamomile any one?

Anyone out there like chamomile tea? I haven’t actually tried it myself, though my neighbor really likes it and recommends it. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to trying some new things and this is one of them. I’m not saying I won’t, just that I haven’t taken that step yet. So this Tatting Tea Tuesday I drink just decaffeinated tea of an unknown brand instead of something exotic or exciting.

The subject of chamomile came up the other day when our neighbor, a really great guy, was mowing our lawn for us. Probably because it was getting pretty tall. And because he’s really a great guy. But when he got to our driveway up by the house he left a large patch un-mowed. He stopped and explained he thought it was chamomile. We both agreed it smelled very good where it was mowed. These plants are where we don’t want plants, though. My DH is planning to get rid of them soon.

I’m not much on plants, herbs or edibles from the field, so I did a little (key word, little) checking on the Internet about chamomile. I understand that it has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries in Europe and then here in the States as well. It sounds like it could be very good for you as well as quite tasty (so they say). Wikipedia also says that it can become quite a pest because it spreads out everywhere, including in fields where it’s not wanted. I must agree, what’s growing and spreading in our driveway is going everywhere! So whether it’s chamomile or not, smells nice or not, some of it is going bye bye very soon.
I don’t know for sure if the little plant in the picture is chamomile or not but it looks kind of nice there with my tatting. The colors are not quite true-to-life though. The cross actually has purple as the outside, not blue.

The little doily is the center of the one I’ve been working on for several weeks. I’m not very happy with the way it lays now that this much has been blocked. The ds count has to be corrected for it to look better, so this is as far as this one is going. The next one will be in another color with a few more stitches in the pattern!

The cross bookmark is one of my patterns. It will have a ‘tail’ on it soon. I made one just like this for an insert in a wedding card last week but didn’t take a picture of it before it was given away, so I obviously had to make another to share, right? It is made with Lizbeth size 20 thread in Springtime, I think. (The label came out of the middle *ahhhh*) It’s pretty anyway. The outside is also Lizbeth size 20 in purple but which shade I’m also not sure of except it’s pretty close to K States’ purple.

Pretty sad, isn’t it? Until I started this blog remembering what the colors were was only a very minor thing. But sharing what I’m doing with others means keeping track of these things. I’ll have to find a better way of keeping the labels with the threads, won’t I? While I’m making changes I might just have to give chamomile tea a try.