Little Horse Earrings

Our neighbor asked me a few months ago if I would make a pair of earrings for his granddaughter.  She likes horses and the color turquoise. Oh, and a halter on the horse would be nice.

I immediately thought of Debbie Arnold‘s Seahorse pattern. I’ve made it before as a horse head bookmark and thought it would work well for the earrings as well. I also wanted to make it in a small thread, as they are for a little girl. Oh, and get the right color turquoise!

Horsehead earrings in size 80 made from DS9 seahorse pattern on wandasknottythoughts
Horsehead earrings in size 80

I tat front-side/back-side, so I also had to make sure that I made them facing opposite directions. Between this and the small thread, I had some troubles making these. And then making the harnesses! I spent a lot of time dreaming of how I was going to do this.

My neighbor likes these, but the reins not so much. (I thought this was an excellent way to not have to hide ends of the black thread!) I’m thinking to knot the thread at the ring on the bottom with maybe a touch of glue.

The color was acceptable but I put the ball away and can’t find it to say what it is. I know that it’s Lizbeth size 80.

I’m happy with these earrings, even if I have to get rid of the reins. Maybe I’ll make me a pair…

“What if the blue I see is not the color blue you see?” Neo Shamon

4 thoughts on “Little Horse Earrings”

  1. Those are awesome!!! 🙂
    I was wanting to make some horse head earrings for our older granddaughter who loves horses too, those would be perfect with or without the bridle! I like it with!! 🙂

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