Goodies from Tatting Corner

I recently heard about a new Clover shuttle: the Clover bobbin shuttle.  I saw a demonstration of it on YouTube (Georgia Seitz Online Advanced Class).  This piqued my interest!  My normal shuttle is a Clover as I like the size, feel, and shape of them.  To have the same thing but with a bobbin?  I was intrigued.

Tatting Goodies from Tatting Corner on wandasknottythoughts
Goodies from Tatting Corner

I bought one of the shuttles and some thread from The Tatting Corner.  This was my first purchase from there, which I was very happy with.  You can see that I was so excited about the shuttle that I didn’t get a picture of my order before I had opened the shuttle package.

Using the new shuttle surpassed my expectations. Though it is slightly taller than a regular Clover it still feels good in my hand. It didn’t take long for me to get used to using it. The bobbin is different than those used with Aero shuttles and the two types are not interchangeable. Other than forgetting that it does not have a post using the bobbin is nice. The length of the Clover bobbin shuttle is just a little longer than the regular Clovers. This has not caused any trouble for me.

I have several Aero shuttles that I use, but I’ve never gotten comfortable enough with them to enjoy tatting with them all the time. I’m sure enough about the new  Clovers that I’m ready to order more.

Notice the threads in my order are all size 80.  I have a small (LOL) project that I’m doing in size 80 but wasn’t sure of the shade so had to buy several colors. Such a horrible problem to have!

If you hadn’t already heard, Craft Corner, home of Tatting Corner,  is having its grand opening July 1.  If you’re in the area stop in.  I wish I could!  They have a Facebook page to see what’s going on with them, too.    (This is not an affiliate link, I get nothing in return for mentioning them. I was just happy with my experience with them.)

“A fool and his money…will soon find his house taken over by his wife’s ever-growing thread stash.”  quote found on Craftree

4 thoughts on “Goodies from Tatting Corner”

  1. I love the new Clover shuttles too. I’ve used bobbin shuttles for years and am particularly happy with these.

  2. I emailed the quote to my DH while he slept (he’s the one who pays for all my online purchases!) & got a great response that is still making me smile 12 hours later 😀
    Thanks for sharing it.
    I prefer bobbin shuttles (with a hook) any day.

  3. Looks a lovely shuttle, I still love my Milwards, I am one who does not like a hook on my shuttle as I usually stick it in my hand. Never used a bobbin shuttle, I do like the look of the shape perhaps I will give one of them a try when I buy new supplies.

  4. Wanda, I got a couple of those. I like them, but I am just in love with my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles. I see you have the blues! Waiting to see what you do with them. Did you by chance talk to Lisa? She is wonderful to talk with and good to deal with. We will meet her at Tat Days this year. I can’t wait to see you and Laurie and Helen again.

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