I still haven’t finished the dragon.  The thread is dark enough that I need a well-lit area to work on it.  I’m doing the head streamers and am having a bit of difficulty.  Trying to hurry, maybe?   When I have time to work on it I don’t have good lighting; when I have good lighting I don’t have time to work on it.   It will get done – eventually.

Other than a couple of other small things that aren’t ready to be shared yet I haven’t done any tatting.  Getting lazy, I guess.

We’ve been having problems with our Internet.  We had trouble a week ago Saturday, called the provider and thought we had it fixed.  Then we had trouble again.  Again we called the provider, did a few more things and thought we had it fixed.  The next day we lost the Internet and haven’t gotten it back yet.  It is aggravating.  We thought we might have it by today, but we didn’t.

As I don’t have any pictures of tatting ready I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of a visitor we had this week.

Pheasant in my yard on wandasknottythoughts

Saw this handsome fellow strutting through our yard.  I snapped this picture through the window.

Pheasant flying away on wandasknottythoughts
Pheasant flying away

He left in a hurry as soon as we opened the door. It surprised me when I found I’d caught him in this picture.  We’ve been hearing a lot of pheasant calls around so we know they are out there.  This one just decided to brave the yard.   We were lucky we caught sight of him.

I’m hoping to get my tatting enthusiasm back.  Or back in gear, anyway.  I’ve got lots of things I want to make.

“It’s not easy taking my problems one at a time when they refuse to get in line.”  Ashleigh Brilliant

2 thoughts on “Problems”

  1. Sometimes I want to think tatting, but I just don’t feel like doing tatting. In my case, I’ll have less retro-tatting to do if I follow my gut instincts. I’m sure you’ll be back on task soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the pheasants.

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