Dragons and Waiting Rooms

Chinese Dragon by Martha Ess in progress on wandasknottythoughts
Martha Ess’ Chinese Dragon in process

While at Tat Days in September I picked up ‘Flights of Fancy’ by Martha Ess. For my first project out of it I chose the Chinese Dragon.  I had thought to use a lighter color than the Lizbeth 674 Garnet Dark but decided a dark color fits my vision of a Chinese dragon – at least today.  I like it in this color until I have to take out stitches when a mistake it made.

Note to self: DON’T make mistakes!

I was working on this in a waiting room when the two ladies at the desk asked what I was doing.  I explained a bit and one of the ladies immediately Googled it.  She was quite impressed by all the tatting she found on-line.

About a week later I was tatting in another quite large waiting room that has plants strategically placed all around and in the middle. A lady on the other side of the room leans around a large plant and asks if I’m tatting.  When I admit I am she comes over to see how it’s done.  I show her a bit and answer a few questions.  Then a gentleman comes over to see what I’m doing.  When they leave the ladies at the desk also want to know what I’m doing, so I show them.  I actually enjoyed my wait that day 🙂

Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished my dragon. I’ve been working a lot of hours and even when I have a few minutes I’m so tired I don’t feel like tatting.  Even so, I’m hoping to finish it soon.  I’m at the ears, then the easy part going down the back.

Maybe I should find somewhere else I need to sit in a waiting room to finish it. Even if that meant I might get interrupted by questions about what I’m making.

I could handle that.

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer   brainyquote.com


12 thoughts on “Dragons and Waiting Rooms”

  1. Hi, Wanda. I like the dragon and especially in garnet. Happens to be one of the colors for the University of South Carolina. I did not see the Martha Ess books at Tat Days. I do know what you mean about waiting room. I was at the dentist and pulled out some tatting to entertain myself. Suddenly about 5 people were looking to see what it was. 2 were men. It does intrigue people doesn’t it.

    1. Thanks, Tim. I picked up the last one of the ‘Flights of Fantasy’ books. There were several of hers, I think the Palmetto guild was selling them. It’s funny how sometimes tatting in public gets lots of comments and other times looks but no-one comes up and asks.

    1. Thank you, Jane. I have more people ask me about my tatting if they have done or do some kind of crafty things themselves. Not saying people who don’t craft haven’t commented or watched, but they seem to be in the minority.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I enjoyed meeting you, too. I’m looking forward to visiting with you again – maybe next year at Tat Days 🙂

  2. It must be the English I have tatted in waiting rooms and they just look, occasionally I get strange looks, sometime I get a woman ask what I am doing, I have had some who ask what are you crocheting, I too have done my share of explaining tatting, I did have an old lady who knew what I was doing and we spent sometime chatting about tatting.
    I look forward to seeing your dragon, I love the colour

    1. Interest seems to come and go. Sometimes I get no looks or questions, the next I’ll get a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing the dragon finished, too!

  3. I’ve been concerned that I haven’t seen anything from your blog in my blog feed for several months. Thanks to the 25 Motif Challenge, I saw your dragon in the post and entered your blog name into the feed again. It looks like the same address, but the posts popping up in the feed are different. I’m just very glad to have found you again.

    I have that book by Martha and used it to tat the Pegasus and Unicorn to be framed together for my daughters bedroom. I love so many of the designs in that book.

    1. I moved my blog from Blogger to Word Press so the address is almost the same but it doesn’t have ‘blogger’ in it any more. I like Word Press both more and less than Blogger but I’m getting used to it. I’m glad you went looking for me.
      I picked up the book at Palmetto Tat Days. I was hoping to have Martha autograph it, but due to sad personal reasons she was unable to be there. I’m thinking the grandkids would like most of these patterns. If I ever get around to them!

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