Lanyard 2016 Pattern as a Bracelet

When I made the lanyard a few weeks ago I was too impatient to add beads, as well as tatting it in the car.  I had thought beads would be nice if I would make the effort.  Sandra (Crazy Mom) commented it would look good with beads, too. I happened to stop in at Hobby Lobby last week and found some pretty beads.  I was trying to think what I could use them for when my husband told me to just get them.  He’s a wonderful enabler!  When I got home and saw the lanyard I realized that the purple thread would work well with the beads.

I noticed right away that the picots would have to be longer to accommodate the 6/0 beads.  Which also meant that the stitch count would need to be adjusted also.  I actually did a little planning before I started, so the beads would end up where I wanted them.  Putting two beads on the top picot it changes the look of the pattern, too, from concentric rings to leaves.  It came out well.

Tatted bracelet based on the Lanyard 2016 pattern
Tatted bracelet based on the Lanyard 2016 pattern

Before starting I went hunting through my stash of findings for the ends.  Because I was looking for gold findings all I located were silver or antique bronze findings.  This was frustrating as I didn’t want to add them after, I wanted to incorporate them from the beginning.  Luckily, the local Wal-Mart carried gold lobster claws.  Finally I could get started!

Tatted bracelet with beads
Tatted bracelet with beads

I added a little extra piece on one end.  This helps to keep the bracelet closure on the bottom of the wrist instead of moving to the top.  Don’t you just hate it when your bracelet shows off the closure instead of the pretty parts?

Tatted bracelet with clasp assist
Tatted bracelet with clasp assist

This little piece helps when you put the bracelet on by yourself, too.  Hang on to this little dangle and it will hold the end in place while you clip it with the lobster claw.  I can put it on by myself without fighting with it!

The bracelet was made with DMC Cebelia Lavender size 10 thread and Bead Treasures 6/0 glass beads Metallic Turquoise.

The county fair is coming up soon. I’m debating if I should enter something, and, if so, what.  It is fun entering items in the fair but you have to enter them in a certain time frame and pick them up at a certain time.  I need to check my schedule.

“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.”    Marc Jacobs

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  1. Your bracelet is gorgeous!!!! 🙂
    I see what you mean that it looks like leaves, but it also resembles hearts and that is what I thought at first. 🙂

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