Tatting by P. Melanie Vliet

P. Melanie Vliet contacted me a few months ago apprising me how she had used my pattern “Flagged Edging” to make a garter for her son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s wedding.  She actually made two, one to keep and one for the groom to toss. She added beads for a little added elegance.

Wedding garters tatted by P. Melanie Vliet using 'Flagged Edging' on wandasknottythoughts
Wedding garters tatted by P. Melanie Vliet using ‘Flagged Edging’

I love her manikin leg display!  Can you guess what it is?  It’s a box of oatmeal wrapped in skin-colored paper inside a pair of old pantyhose.  What an inventive way to display garters!  She’s going to exhibit them at this year’s Orange County and Southern California fairs.  The wedding party won’t miss them; that event isn’t for several more months.  I hope she does well with them at the fairs.  I give them top marks!

Using the same pattern as a start she also made herself earrings.

Earrings made using 'Flagged Edging' by P Melanie Vliet on wandasknottythoughts
Earrings made using ‘Flagged Edging’

Amazing, aren’t they?  I would never have thought of using the pattern like this.

Melanie has used another of my patterns, ‘Hanging Basket Edging’, to decorate an eye-glass case.  I love the colors she used.  Another great job!

Tatted glass case cover done in 'Hanging Basket Edging' on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted glass case cover done in Hanging Basket Edging

Thanks, Melanie, for letting me share your wonderful tatting here on my blog. Such a wonderful way to imagine tatting.  Good luck at the fairs!

P Melanie Vliet is a member of the Facebook group “Tatters of Lace.”  It’s a closed group but you can request to join if you are a tatter.

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