Color of the day is Lavender

I decided to make myself a lanyard for Tat Days.  It should be in a color that looks good with shirts I may be taking with me.  It’s amazing how that one requirement limits color choices for me.  I have a lot of thread, most of which are colors that I like – who wants to tat with colors they don’t like?? – but inevitably a lot of my clothes are those colors, too.  But not always the same shade.

With much comparing and mind changing I finally settled on DMC Cebelia Lavender.  For some reason I’ve had a ball of this in size 10 for quite some time.  A lanyard made of size 10 would tat up fast and be quite durable.   So far, so good.

In the beginning, I planned to make Patti Duff’s Beaded Lanyard (you can find it on Craftree).  I got a bit ahead of myself while trying to find beads that would work with the thread. I started playing without having Patti’s pattern printed.

Tatted hatband instead of lanyard in DMC Cebelia size 10 on wandasknottythoughts
Hatband instead of lanyard

I went for a while before admitting I didn’t like the looks of my efforts for the lanyard.  Not one to throw tatting out just because it didn’t turn out as expected, I put it on my hat as a hatband.  I like it better as a hatband than as a lanyard.

I started again, and again I was impatient.  This time I didn’t want to string the beads.  The black beads weren’t the right size anyway.  With no pattern but an idea, I started once more, this time without beads as well.   I know I’ve seen something akin to this out there on the Internet but I made it without referring to a pattern.

Tatted lanyard in DMC Cebelia size 10 Lavender on wandasknottythoughts
Lanyard in DMC Cebelia size 10 Lavender

I like it this version much better.  It went fast and was easy to do while a passenger in the car.  I did get a bit carried away – it’s a bit long.  Oh, well!  Better than too short.  I added a couple of clips to the ends that can be clipped together or to a name tag or some such.  Done!

Tatted hatband and lanyard in DMC Cebelia Lavender size 10 on wandasknottythoughts
Tatted hatband and lanyard in DMC Cebelia Lavender size 10

I’m ecstatic about going to Tat Days.  I’m counting down the days!  I keep checking the Palmetto Tatters Guild page for updates.   I’m planning what clothes to pack and what to wear.  I’ve traveled before but not anywhere like this, not with tatting as the destination.  **happy dance**  Anyone else getting excited about going?

“Over prepare, then go with the flow” – found in a fortune cookie

10 thoughts on “Color of the day is Lavender”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your piece and thoughts, You made the whole process of making it sound so interesting.
    Sorry I am not going to tat days, I am not a member and it would be expressive of me to travel over the pond, but thoughts will be with you and hope to see a picture of you wearing it.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. I’m not a member, either, they open it up to anyone that wants to come. I can imagine it would be quite expensive to come. I’m sure there will be pictures of the weekend, and maybe one or two of me 🙂

  2. Wow. love them both. Interesting how the hatband looks like little Xs from a distance. Clever of you to find a new use for it. Enjoy tat days, you’re lucky to be able to attend such an event.

    1. Thanks, Jane. The hatband has a bit of an optical illusion to it. It works much better as a hatband than a lanyard. This is the first Tat Days I’ve been able to attend. I’m excited to be going. I’m sure they’ll be pictures after!

    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m still getting used to the new blog setup. I’ve just found how to reply to a comment! I’ve posted the pattern for the lanyard on this week’s post. The hatband maybe another time 🙂

  3. This lanyard is gorgeous, and I admit I can’t quite figure out how you tatted it! I’m assuming these are split rings, and you obviously added chains, but I’m not sure ‘how’ or ‘when’. I can think of many uses for this attractive lanyard pattern. Wish I could join you all at Tat Days!

    It’s taken me a while to comment on your ‘new’ blog! I do have a WordPress account, but at first forgot my password! Looks like you got all the photos in, going back to 2008. I am impressed you were able to transfer all your posts! Your blog certainly has a beautiful ‘look’ to it. And I’m so glad you included the Search button. Many WordPress blogs don’t have one, which always puzzled me. But what seems to be missing are the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ post arrows, and a ‘Home’ button, unless I am not seeing them!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I’ve written up a quick pattern for it for this week’s post so you can see how it’s done. I would have loved to see you at Tat Days. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to go. I’m so excited! Thanks for the comments about the new blog. There are several things I’ve not got sorted yet. It is quite different than blogspot. It does have some nice features. I can preview a post as it really will look like before posting – very nice! I’ll see if I can get some of those other buttons working.

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