Tatting Tea Tuesday in May

A few weeks ago my tatting group got together at Sherry’s house.  She surprised us with tea and brownies served on a beautiful tea set.

Tea on Tuesday on wandasknottythoughts.com

Everything had butterflies – the teapot, teacups, and napkins.  Even the napkin holder was a butterfly.

Butterfly tea  in May on wandasknottythoughts.com

I don’t remember the flavor of tea she had found but it was delicious!  The brownie bites were even gluten free so I could have some, too.

She amazed us with her thoughtfulness.

After sipping tea and nibbling brownies we got down to tatting.  Carla was able to come, so there were four of us.  Carla was worried about being too far behind but she remembered much more than she thought she would.  Becky worked on her napkin edging and Sherry her heart.

Tuesday Tatters in May on wandasknottythoughts.com

I brought several books with snowflake patterns to look through.  Becky is thinking about trying a few.  I also brought a sampling of LIzbeth thread.  We are talking of making an order together.  Not that I need anymore thread, but they could twist my arm.

We have still not officially come up with a name for our group.  At the moment it has defaulted to ‘Tuesday Tatters’ as that is how several of us put our meetings on our calendars.  We usually meet on Tuesdays but we’ve been known to meet on other days, just not as often.

We all had a lot of fun at Sherry’s house.  The June meeting is at my house.  On Tuesday.

“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”

Chaim Potok,   www.brainyquote.com


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  1. What a Terrific Tuesday Tatters’ Tea Party 🙂 A very happy picture !
    I love your new format, and can even enlarge page on my tablet (something most WordPress blogs don’t allow).
    Best wishes

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