No tatting, just the new kitchen

 No tatting today.  Thought I’d share the improvements to my kitchen.
Kitchen sink wandasknottythoughts

 The sink is now in the island.  I love it this way.

There are also cabinets in the corners, which we didn’t have before.
New kitchen floor wandasknottythoughts
The floor is concrete with hardwood on top.
Kitchen stove wandasknottythoughts
 We bought a new stove and microwave.
New kitchen cabinets wandasknottythoughts
 I have a lot more cabinets than I had before.
My goal is to keep the counters clear.
Kitchen counter lights wandasknottythoughts
 We put lights under the top cabinets.  It’s great!
Kitchen prior to remodel
This is what the kitchen looked like as we started emptying all the cabinets before the remodel.
The main reason we did the remodel was the cracks in the kitchen floor.  We had put duck tape over all the breaks for years.  So great to have a new floor!
We are still in the process of putting things back in the cabinets.  The kitchen is now bigger and I have a lot more cabinet space.  Now comes the decision making of where the best places are to put everything.  My hope is that the best place for some things is a second hand store.  I’m sure I don’t need everything I took out.
I really love my new kitchen!
“Kitchens are made for bringing families together”

7 thoughts on “No tatting, just the new kitchen”

  1. Congratulations on the new kitchen. You'll enjoy tatting so much more with a lovely kitchen to work in between the tatting. Tea and a batch of scones would be a great way to break it in once everything is in place. Of course, you'll need to tat while you enjoy them.

  2. Awesome! That's a kitchen I could live in! Have fun sorting through your collection. I think I may have to do the same thing this summer. I'm sure I have cooking aides still in boxes. They looked good when I purchased them, but somehow I was never inspired to actually use them.

  3. Wow what a fabulous kitchen you are going to have, sounds like you waited long enough for it too! Yep go with the idea of keeping the surfaces clear, it will not be easy though!!!

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