Medallion cross once more

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Medallion Cross Bookmark © Wanda Salmans
I seem to have a lot of these crosses now, all just a little different from each other.  I keep trying different stitch counts, looking for just the right pattern.
This cross is in Lizbeth Twirlz #404 Mermaid Lagoon.  I’m not all that excited about how it looks in this thread.  I also had an awful time taking a good picture of it.  This is the best of the lot.  Can you tell that is a piece of white printer paper behind it?
I think I finally have the pattern done to my satisfaction.  I still need to tat one with this stitch count to go on the pattern page.  I started one, then I lost it under my seat in the car.  Up until then I thought I’d have it done today, but that was the end of working on it while we were driving.  I lost a bit of tatting time so it won’t be finished as soon as I’d hoped.
Due to a couple of rainy days my kitchen didn’t get finished until Tuesday, but the construction is done! *happy dance* What this means is I now have to put things away.  I have lots of cabinet and drawer space and I have no idea where I want a lot of things.  We just started putting items in cabinets where we (I) think is a good idea, at least at the moment.  If they don’t work there I guess we’ll rearrange.   Pictures will be coming as soon as I get a chance to download them to the computer.
Through all of this mess and muddle I’ve been tatting small things like this cross.  Now I need to move on to other things.  Not sure if I can call them bigger and better, but different anyway.
“See any detour as an opportunity to experience new things.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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