International Tatting Day 2016


International Tatting Day 2016
I had a lot of fun today celebrating International Tatting Day.
Becky, Sherry and I celebrating International Tatting Day
Becky, Sherry and I celebrating International Tatting Day
Becky, Sherry, and me at Montana Mike’s Steakhouse
( I should have moved over with the others so the window wasn’t directly behind us)
Had lunch with two ladies that are my students.  We get together once a month to tat and this month it was in public with tatting and chocolate.  I brought Hershey’s kisses in several varieties, something for everyone.
Becky and Sherry
Lunch with Becky and Sherry for International Tatting Day 2016
I put the tatted buttons I’ve been working on in a teacup. The other teacup has the chocolate.  I also had a candy bowl with several shuttles wound with a yard of size 10 red thread and card stock wrapped with 2 yards of size 10 white thread.  These were to be given away if anyone was interested in trying and wanted them.  I demonstrated for one interested person but she didn’t take a shuttle.  We had several people stop and ask questions about what we were doing and were very impressed.  No-one turned down the buttons when offered one.
Becky helping Sherry with a knotty problem
Sherry was having a little trouble and Becky helped her out.  Nothing ensures you know what your doing as much as having to demonstrate and help someone else.
I  think I gave out about 10 buttons while we were out today.  At work I gave out the other 15 I had, along with a Hershey kiss.
I guess I need to make more buttons 🙂
I hope all of you enjoyed International Tatting Day where-ever you were.
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11 thoughts on “International Tatting Day 2016”

  1. You're a very dedicated tatter and enthusiastic ambassador!

    My family and friends have always thought I was a little obsessed about tatting, especially back in the '90s.
    It was considered 'over the top' to demonstrate at several craft shows, and to have costumes to wear, plus I dragged around my small Christmas tree and Victorian dollhouse, not to mention lots of different items from my house, plus – in those days – I had many items to sell! These days I have very little to sell. Fortunately the other gals in our group have things to sell to the public! And they usually tat 'real things' during the event. I simply go home with thicker thread full of chains and rings, as I demo the basics with a Tatsy shuttle.

    But my friends and family aren't reading the blogs of you gals who are way more 'out there' than I am! I don't think I'd be so generous about giving away those colorful buttons! DH always thought I 'gave away' my tatting even when selling it!

  2. Unfortunately I did not get to tat in public on Friday and although I was in my market yesterday only one person showed real interest in tatting, another day it would have been more, the market was quite and slow.
    Well done in your achievement and to spend time teaching at the same time.

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