Tatting for ITD

 There are so many things going on lately I’ve not really gotten into any projects even though I have several in mind.  Instead I’ve been working on little things to give away (I hope) on International Tatting Day April 1st.
Button Tatting for International Tatting Day 2016 on wandasknottythought.blogspot.com


Tatting around buttons is easy and quick and people really like them when they see them, making them ideal as small give-a-ways.  I’ve done a few in green because, hey, St. Patrick’s day is coming up – never hurts to have a little green on you.
Back of the Button Tatting for International Tatting Day 2016 on wandasknottythought.blogspot.com
 Instead of sewing in the ends on these I’ve used them to sew on a small safety pin.  I have a whole jar of safety pins of different sizes, thought this would be a good place to use the smaller ones.
I think I’ll move on to other colors now and maybe make a few into Easter eggs like I have the last couple of years; a few on paperclips and a few on safety pins.
I really need to keep a few of these handy all the time, not just for ITD.  I’ve had several opportunities to give something like this away to an interested by-stander but didn’t have any with me that were finished.  Okay, I’d already given the finished ones away…  So I need to keep more on hand.
Still haven’t gotten my drawing program fixed.  Now that I can’t I really want to work on some patterns.  I hope I keep up the enthusiasm for when I have a working program again.
While I wait I might as well do another button.
“You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.”
Jimmy Dean

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  1. These look great. Good idea to keep a few small tatted items on hand to give away to interested individuals. I've also been thinking about printing some business cards with a link to my blog to help people start their path of further investigation.

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