An early spring

It’s only the middle of March and many of the trees are in bloom or finished blooming.  Every where you look there are beautiful flowering trees and plants.
Ornamental pear tree in bloom wandasknottythoughts
This ornamental pear tree is just down the road from our bank, one of many in the area. You would almost think there was snow on a lot of trees by all the white every where.
Blooming Ornamental Pear tree wandasknottythoughts
With the weather being warmer than normal it is tempting to stop and admire all the lovely blooms. So on the way to the bank I did.
Now we worry that we’ll get cold weather again and loose all the fruit and flowers that have bloomed. People with ornamental trees like this pear don’t have to worry about loosing fruit. People with actual fruit-bearing trees do.
The early spring has helped our contractor out a lot.  He can leave the doors and windows open while he works on our kitchen remodel.  I am looking forward to getting this completed.  Our kitchen is a bit of a mess right now.

We’ve been eating out a lot lately 🙂
The only tatting I’ve accomplished lately is a few buttons.  This is a good thing as I want to have as many as possible for International Tatting Day.  My problem now is that I keep giving them away.
“Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.”
Sydney J. Harris

6 thoughts on “An early spring”

  1. You are the master of understatement- "a bit of a mess" Tee hee! Gorgeous flowering trees already. We have tulips poking green out of the ground here. So exciting (unless it freezes.)

  2. We have plenty of daffodils in flower and some shrubs starting to come into bud but the trees are still wearing their winter coats no sign of life from them yet. Although it dry at the moment with hug pressure it's still cold here in the uk
    I think you understated tge fact about your kitchen, looks like a builders yard to me, hope it gets to look like a kitchen soon

    1. I agree, it's a terrible disruption. That is why we hired the job out. If we tried to do it the mess would be there for months and months instead of a few weeks.

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