Many-tailed Tatted Paperclip Bookmark

A favorite aunt of mine had a birthday recently.  I always try to make something for her as I know she really appreciates handmade items.  I also know she doesn’t need more things sitting around her house, so gift ideas are for things that can be worn or used.  For this year I made her a paperclip bookmark.
Many-tailed tatted Paperclip bookmark with a button on wandas knotty thoughts
Many-tailed Tatted Paperclip Bookmark
This bookmark is specifically made for my aunt to use at church.  Lutherans use a hymnal that has a liturgy in the front and hymns in the back and during a service you go back and forth between the liturgy and the different hymns.  I’ve been thinking of making a bookmark like this for a while, one where you can mark several pages at a time. This bookmark actually has more tails than are usually needed for a normal service but it looked cool with the different colors hanging from the clip.
Many-tailed tatted Paperclip bookmark on a pretty button on wandas knotty thoughts
Many-tailed Tatted Paperclip Bookmark with a button
Isn’t that button pretty?  I hope you can see it.  This is one I picked up just this week from a fabric shop that sadly is closing.  The good news about that is that everything is on sale.  I didn’t pick up a lot of buttons but I did pick up a lot of material. There’ll be more about that later.
My aunt really liked the tatted paperclip bookmark.  I think it worked out well.
‘If you love to read, you know there are three kinds of book-markers: the dog-ear-er, the any old flat object that will hold my spot-er and the beautiful “I even spent money on a bookmark”-er.  Of course, if you read an e-reader you totally miss the point, but that is neither here nor there.  I fall into the “I even spent money on a bookmark” category.  To me, a bookmark is a friendly “hello! we’re glad you’re back!” statements as I immerse myself back into the text to tackle paragraph after paragraph.’
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9 thoughts on “Many-tailed Tatted Paperclip Bookmark”

  1. Oh, how wonderful! My daughter would love this too for church. Our music director is very snappy lady and will be well on the way by the time we get to the right page. My daughter always looks at all the songs in the beginning anyway. What fun, now I've got to plot and plan….

  2. Very thoughtful and practical ! I like to give meaningful gifts, too.
    I like your paper clip idea — never tried that before.
    I totally agree about multiple tails in a bookmark — very hanfy especially for certain kinds of books such as reference/encyclopedic, recipe, Tatting — and have tatted 2 or 3 bok marks with 2 or more tails for that very purpose 🙂

  3. What an awesome idea! I just moved up north and my new church doesn't have bookmarks in their hymnals. My last church had me spoiled. They are using the new hymnal 🙁 I loved the first Lutheran hymnal 🙂 . I'm sure she will enjoy it.

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