Mail from Fox and Others

Have you been following Fox’s adventures in Armenian Lace?  She entertained us with her undertakings with this different type of knotting for several weeks.  For all that it enticed her into trying it she decided it just wasn’t something she wanted to continue, so she called it done, over, not for her.  She even put her newly acquired books up for sale.
And I bought them.
When I saw her trying Armenian lace I looked it up on YouTube and thought it looked interesting.  And when she put her books up for sale I thought it must be a sign.  Fox put the books in the mail right away and surprise, surprise, they came in the mail the same week!
Priscilla Armenian Lace book from Fox wandasknottythoughts
Mediterranean Knotted Lace book from Fox wandasknottythoughts
Tatting by Fox
And look what else she included in the package – a lovely tatted motif and a piece of Armenian lace she made.  And a needle to start it with.  Thank you, Fox, for gifts!
Tatting and Armenian Lace from Fox wandasknottythoughts
Tatting and Armenian lace by Fox
I’m glad the books got here so quickly but I have no idea when I’m going to have a chance to try it.  I have a lot of things I’m working on right now and once in a while I still have to do things like wash dishes and clothes and cook and go to work – you know, the not-so-fun but essential things in life.
I’ll get to it eventually.
A couple of weeks ago when I posted about my tatted bag Bernice from Knot Vortex asked how big it was. Well, Bernice, it had this ball of Omega thread inside to fill it out so I could get a good picture of it.  I should have put a ball of Lizbeth thread beside it to give some perspective (as I know a lot of people use Lizbeth but I’m not sure how many use Omega) but the Clover shuttle should give you an idea of size.
Tatted hand bag with ball of Omega thread and shuttle to show size wandasknottythoughts
Tatted bag by Wanda Salmans

 Tatted hand bag with ball of Omega size 50 thread and shuttle to show size wandasknottythoughtsTatted bag by Wanda Salmans

 I’m still trying to decide how to make the lining/insides of the bag though I haven’t spent a lot of time on it.  Besides, letting ideas percolate for awhile helps me come up with solutions that usually work pretty well. Putting it on a back burner for a little bit doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it.

I’m busy making things for a craft show right now.  I just bought some beautiful material at Jo-Ann’s that I want to make into runners for the show, which will need edgings, and I need to work on gifts for Christmas.  Of course I don’t have the right colors or enough of the right colors for what I want to do so I had to place an order for thread which meant more mail!

Don’t you just love getting packages in the mail?

“What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp.”
Author Unknown

4 thoughts on “Mail from Fox and Others”

  1. Many thanks, I think I would want a larger bag. I will be giving the Oya or needle lace a try one of these days and I have downloaded some instructions from a website, lucky you to get the books from Fox.

  2. Yes it's lovely to have mail, some of course is a surprise others is just the run of the mill bills, I prefer the surprise ones. I look forward to seeing your lace, nice of fox to send you a piece of hers.
    Good luck with the craft show.

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