A little red, white and blue

Tatted buttons of red, white, and blue on wandasknottythoughts.com
In honor of the 4th of July I thought I’d tat something in red, white and blue.  This started out to be a bracelet with three white buttons, each decorated with a different color thread.  The red and blue threads worked great but the white thread kept breaking.  I finally gave up on trying to tat around the button and went around the other two buttons instead.  I’m still deciding how to make a bracelet out of this.I’m not giving up, just changing the plan a bit 🙂

Enjoy a safe, happy and red, white and blue Independence Day!

William Faulkner: “We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”

8 thoughts on “A little red, white and blue”

  1. Wonderful patriotic buttons! I'm still in awe at your dedication to tatting! You always seem to have a shuttle going!

    Went to my hometown as usual for the parade and carnival, but skipped the fireworks as they're too loud for me, but I'm so glad the tradition continues. Goes all the way back to the late 1940s! Great childhood memories for me. We're about to watch the Pittsburgh fireworks on TV, which will be just fine for me! We had perfect weather today!

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