Mandy in orange and brown

A couple of months ago I made this ‘Mandy’ edging in orange and brown.  I finally have it stitched on the runner.
‘Mandy’ Edging © Wanda Salmans 2015
 Lizbeth #694 Harvest Orange Medium and #692 Mocha Brown Dark size 10
The picture doesn’t show very well how good the thread goes with the material – lighting? angle? background? – but in person the two are a great match.

Here it is again showing a bit of the material that is the backing of the runner. It shows it off a bit better than the other background. 
The runner is 12 inches wide and a little over 40 inches long. I’m very pleased with how this turned out. 
I also finished adding ‘Finn’ to the runner I started last week. That took a lot longer to sew on than this did.  I like both patterns but I like this one much better when it comes to sewing it down because it went so much faster.  But if I had a choice between sewing by hand or doing any kind of housework the sewing would win hands down!
“I’d rather be stitchin’
than in the kitchen!”
Author Unknown

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