Mandy in Autumn Spice

I don’t usually make the same pattern more than once at a time, preferring to go on to other things or change it up in some way. It’s true this time, too, mostly.  Yes, this is ‘Mandy’ again – without any changes except thread color! – and this post is right after one where I talk about ‘Mandy’ in orange and brown.  But I didn’t tat them one after the other, I just finished sewing them to the table runners one after the other. 
‘Mandy’ Edging © Wanda Salmans 2015
Lizbeth #136 Autumn Spice in size 10
About the only things I sew are table runners, but I love shopping for material. I have quite the stash to prove it, too.  I usually have at least a vague idea of what I would like to tat for each material when it’s purchased whether I ever get to it or not. When I do get to making the edgings I try to match the pattern to the material as well as the thread. Sometimes this takes a while and sometimes everything just falls into place.

‘Mandy’ Edging © Wanda Salmans 2015
Lizbeth #136 Autumn Spice in size 10

The edging for this runner kind of came as a surprise.  I had another thread and another pattern in mind for it, this one was actually for something else. But when I laid this edging close to the material I couldn’t believe how well the colors went together.  Plans changed right away. In a good way!
This table runner is the same size as the other one, 12 inches by just over 40 inches. I don’t know if you’re into roosters or not, but this runner looks pretty good!
“As with anything creative, change is inevitable.”

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  1. I somehow missed your recent posts. Great edgings and material for both runners. (Admire the roosters – so colorful – though we're far from farm country! I only see them at 'county fairs'! Not sure I'd like them waking me up at dawn!) I like the idea of attaching tatting to the ends of the runners – a great way to decorate a table or piece of furniture. You're always making the best use of your time, and you continue to design lovely pieces of tatting.

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