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I took a page out of Diane’s book πŸ™‚ and added buttons to several headbands.  Diane talks about some of hers in this post on her blog Lace-lovin’ Librarian.  She’s been crocheting around buttons but I put tatting around mine instead.
I have tatted around buttons before but never thought to put them on this kind of hair accessory.  It adds a little something to these bright but plain headbands that’s quick and simple.  And fun.  They were gifted to my daughters and granddaughters for Easter.
Last year I tatted around buttons when I made Easter eggs.  This year I put a few of them on paper clips as simple gifts for my mother and her sisters.  They make really great toppers for them.
On a sad note a friend of mine lost an aunt the week before Easter.  I gave him one of my go-to sympathy gifts of a cross bookmark which was put inside the card.  

As usual I just had to try for something a little different.  This cross is made in Lizbeth #115 Springtime in size 20. I’m not that happy with this pattern, probably because I had trouble making it even though it is a simple pattern.  I was a little distracted and I kept making mistakes.  And I’m not sure I like the center.  It did turn out better than I thought once it was blocked, which straightened it out.  I should have joined each arm to the center in more than the one place to make it a bit more stable.   Maybe next time.

Do you have any favorite things you give for simple gifts?

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.”
Richard Bach

Disclaimer: There were no books hurt in the production of this blog post

16 thoughts on “Simple gifts”

  1. Wonderful! I love the tatting around the buttons! If I could tat as fast as I can crochet, there would be tatting on my headbands. How did you attach the button flowers to the paper clips? I love the look, and those would be perfect gifts for a librarian to give! πŸ˜‰

    1. A bookmark from a librarian, what an idea! πŸ™‚ I just sew these on. Usually I try to tat them on as I go but I had made these before deciding to put them on the clips. I just used the same thread.

  2. Lovely tatting & usage ! I love the cross & with buttons ruling the roost, I could just visualize a button in the centre of the cross as well πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! Yes, it looks like a button would work but I'm hesitant about having a button in the center of a bookmark. I think it would mar or indent the page.

  3. I'll just say DITTO to all the above comments! Wonderful (and colorful!) post, and great ideas! I loved the cross pattern immediately. I agree with Jane M that you're too critical.
    And the button paper clips are so clever, plus you did some excellent tatting designs around the hairband buttons.

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