Paper and lace Easter egg

I was visiting Carolyn’s blog ‘Shopping My Stash’ and saw how she has been tatting on paper, recently dong Easter eggs.  I thought it looked like fun and decided to try it myself
Paper and lace Easter egg
The cross in the center is a sticker, the thread is Lizbeth Ecru #603 in size 20.
It’s a simple project that took me forever to get going.  First I decided to buy a 1/8″ punch for the holes.  The day after I bought one I found I already had one, in an unopened package no less.  Then I decided on the cross for the center and had to find paper and thread that worked with it.  This had me going through my scrap-booking paper to find that the ones that I liked the best were not on card stock.  I did eventually find paper I liked that would work.  When I finally made my choices and cut the paper I ruined one of them by not paying close enough attention to where I punched the holes.  As you can see on this one I could have paid closer attention to punching these holes, as well, but they are much better than the previous one.
I obviously wasn’t thinking things through when I started tatting on this.  On the first ring I made the first picot pretty short (which will be the final join) but the third picot long enough to reach the ring that will be in the next hole.  Why I didn’t fix that first picot I don’t know, but it became an issue in the end, of course.  I faked it at the end, and though it’s visible, I don’t think it came out too bad.  I added a loop of narrow ecru ribbon at the top so it can be hung up.  Originally I had thought to make an extra ring at the top to hang it from, but I didn’t like the look when I tried it. 
I am pleased with how it came out.  I also have a better idea of what I’m going to do if I make any more of these.  Or anything similar.  Thank you, Carolyn, for the inspiration and the tips on this paper and lace project.
I’m thinking about doing a few of these with old Christmas cards and giving them to family and close friends as my yearly ornament. If I start now I might have a few done in time.  It depends on how hard it is to pick out the thread…
I ended up giving this to a friend of mine whose aunt had died the week before Easter.  I also gave him a tatted cross bookmark, my usual sympathy gift.  It just seemed appropriate.
“A portion of your soul has been entwined with mine. A gentle kind of togetherness, while separate we stand. As two trees deeply rooted in separate plots of ground, while their topmost branches come together, forming a miracle of lace against the heavens.”
Janet Miles

7 thoughts on “Paper and lace Easter egg”

    1. oops I got an egg card from Carolyn and was reading all the blogs on my list and thought cause of the egg I thought that it was Carolyn's blog. I can't wait to try this paper tatting my self 🙂

  1. It has come out looking very nice 🙂
    And the future potential in terms of tatting around different shapes such as stars, hexagons, or even animals, birds, etc., is immense ! The tree or cards will have a very different look 🙂

  2. Wanda, it looks great! I'm glad I could inspire you. One thing you'll find when you do the Christmas cards (unlike with plain papers) is that irregularities in the hole spacing isn't obvious. The designs on the cards obscure them.

  3. I thought it looked a good idea when I saw Carolyn's blog, well done for trying it out. It's bound to get easier with practise. I'm like Diane, so I'm not sure I'll try it myself, but it's a great idea.

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