International Tatting Day 2015

Tatting for International Tatting Day 2015

Plans for today:
Tat for enjoyment
Wear tatting
Eat chocolate!

Check out this cute little poem by muskaan.  This describes me, how about you?

‘Coz We Are Tatters

The room is all
The family
a-grumble, a-mutter,
But my heart is
still a-flutter,
Stashing more
thread is all that matters
‘Coz I am a tatter.
“That money’s for
Oh, honey, I’m sure
we’re good.
Need a new shuttle
in wood
Diversifying my
collection is all that matters
‘Coz I am a tatter.
There’s a new book
Well I mayn’t tat a
But that book has
to be mine
Stocking my library
is all that matters
‘Coz, peeps, I am
very much a tatter!
                                (muskaan, March

Make lace, not war

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