Flea market finds

My husband and I stopped at a local flea market/antique shop the other day.  We didn’t find what we stopped in looking for, but I found a few things that I ended up bringing home.
Check out these buttons!  Someone took the time to cut them off of the clothes they were on and saved them.  There are some interesting buttons in here.  I’m already thinking of where and how to use them.
I can see either a family picture or tatting in this pretty little heart-shaped frame. It looks to have never been used – the picture is the one that came with it when it was new.
I found two packages of hat/lapel pins.  I snatched them up as I have been looking for this item for quite a while.  I have several relatives that like hats and wearing these in lapels as well.  And if they turn out well maybe I’ll try selling a few of these at a craft show.
I do have to keep a tight reign on my purse at flea markets so I don’t take home everything that strikes my fancy!
“Is it strange that I enjoy going to flea markets more than going to the mall?”

5 thoughts on “Flea market finds”

  1. Great finds! I love those little antique shops – and you have to stop often to get the best stuff 🙂 Love the frame – perfect for a little tatted piece!

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