Purple passion

There is a lady I know at work that really likes purple – light purple, dark purple, any shade of purple.  You could say she has a passion for purple.

 Last fall when she saw my dragonfly earrings she expressed a desire to have some, so I decided to make them in purple for her.  But this was getting late in the fall and I was busy making things both for the craft show and for Christmas so I didn’t get to them right away.  In fact, I just recently realized I hadn’t done them yet.  Then I had trouble – the dragonflies gave me all kinds of grief.  I finally just did something a little different and things went much better.

Wanda Salmans 2015
They aren’t very fancy but they are purple and she liked them very much.  They were made in Lizbeth #641 Lilac Dark (I think) in size 20. 
She had also seen Jane’s non-flying pigs I had made for a friend of my sister after some trial and error.  She specifically asked for a purple pig.  I finally got around to making her one in the same thread as the earrings.  She did notice that the pattern was different this time – I made the No Onion Ring version this time.
Pig NO Onion Ring © Jane Eborall
My friend was very happy with her purple pig.
(Do you know how hard it is to find a background for this dark color thread – and purple to boot?   It wasn’t easy.)

I hope all of you that have been effected by Storm Juno are doing okay.  It sounds like a few places got hit very hard, while others were a little more fortunate.  Dealing with that much snow is not a good thing at all.  Over here in Kansas we are basking in 70º F temps, literally 30º warmer than is normal for this time of year. Love the temperature but could use some of that moisture the east coast is getting.  But not all at once.

Thanks to all of you for your sympathy and suggestions on my mouse problems.  We’re still fighting them (of course) but I’m hoping we are making progress with getting rid of them.  We’ve had several dead ones, if that is any indication of success.  I’m getting pretty passionate about getting them gone!
I’d like to be able to forget about them and get back to my passion of tatting.

“It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind.”
T.S. Eliot

9 thoughts on “Purple passion”

  1. The purple earrings are great – simple-looking (but maybe not so simple to tat!) and a wonderful purple. Very nice!

    Better to tat Jane’s cute little mouse,
    Than to have them run freely
    All around your whole house!

  2. Amazing, your coworker noticed that the pig was a different pattern? Your coworkers are much more astute than mine! Love the earrings and pig… had to smile… if you'd done a cow we could use the old rhyme. (I never saw a purple cow…)

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