Mouse trouble

This is Morgan Mouse.  He’s nice and quiet, stays where I put him – most of the time – and never gets in any trouble.  I wish all mice were like him.  I posted about him here.

But there are mice in my house that are nothing like Morgan.  They get into everything!  I have a cabinet they have gotten into that we can’t figure out how, but anything I pull out of it has to be washed before use.  I have a large bottle of bleach right by the sink. My hands constantly smells of it – ugh!

But what really made me mad was when I found out that they have been in my thread!!!

A brand new ball of thread – destroyed! I am not a happy tatter right now!

I was looking for thread for Jane’s TIAS just before it started and kept noticing these red bits and ends.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this ball of thread!   Now I’m having to clean out my thread drawer and figure a way to keep the mice out.  In fact, I’m having to check out the entire dresser.  I have many things I’d rather be doing!

It’s days like these that I wish we still had a cat.  We never had this kind of problem with a cat in the house.

On to more pleasant things, like Jane’s TIAS.  Here is mine up through Day 5.

There have been a lot of guesses as to what it will be but I don’t think any of them are correct – Jane is much too sneaky for that!  My guess has been some kind of plant, but that’s only because she’s not done one yet for a TIAS. We will have to wait to find the right answer.

Day 6 is going to be available tomorrow, January 21!  I know I’m not the only one looking forward to it.

Will Day 6 be the day it becomes more obvious what it is?  (hahahaha!)

More like Morgan

I have found mice in my house!
Such messes they leave
Everywhere that they roam,
Everywhere in my home.
From cabinet and counter
The stairs and the floor
My house is infested
My patience been tested.
I’d love to send them packing
Clear them out – good bye!
I’ve not yet found a way
That will keep them at bay.
Remember me as I fight
This army of mice.
They aren’t cuddly or cute
As they munch and they scoot.
Why can’t they be like Morgan,
Flat and well behaved?
I could live with mice then.
But these! Go away! Amen.
Wanda Salmans

11 thoughts on “Mouse trouble”

  1. That's such a pity. You'll have to start keeping your threads in metal containers now, like cookie tins or something. That's pretty much the only way to keep mice out of stuff.

    Or get another cat!

  2. My husband works in a place where they fix tractors. They also sell cedar chips. So just chips from the cedar tree. Farmers here keep them in their tractors to ward off mice. Apparently mice do not like the scent of cedar. I hope you can find some and then just put it in the drawer with the thread. The cedar smells nice too.
    Also I have put chunks of strong deodorant soap in my holiday trainer. I haven't had a mouse in there yet. Soap like Irish Spring is a good strong deodorant kind. Morgan Mouse is very cute.

  3. Your Morgan mouse is lovely, as to the real things, I can't stand them, we found they had got into my mothers bungalow when we were clearing it out, we use a mouse trap with a piece of cheese, we caught two, that's two too many, it seems that was all we had but we even found one had made a nest glad we got to it before it had more.
    Love the poem. Hope you get rid soon before they eat the rest of your thread

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