Circle of Triangles

I’m still working on triangles. 
All the centers are made the same, a tatted circle motif that is then stitched to the inside of the triangle with bare thread.  Attaching the centers this way is a bit tedious.  The triangle has to be pinned down to a board so they don’t get pulled out of shape too badly while putting the centers in.  And while stitching them in the thread has a tendency to catch on the pins holding the triangles. It did seem to get a bit easier as I went along and got the hang of it.   

Even pinning the outsides while adding the centers deformed the triangle shape.  Once the centers were attached each one had to be blocked to have them lie flat.  After pinning then out flat they were sprayed with water then left to dry that way, which worked out well.  The whole thing was blocked and dampened again after joining the triangles together, too.  It now lies flat very nicely.
This arrangement was suggested by muskaan in a comment made on my first triangle post a few weeks ago.  I looked at the first triangle and could see something like that, so I tried it.  I’m now trying to decide if/what I want to do in the center.  Maybe something around the outside as well.  In white?  White and red?
Hmmm, I’ll have to work on that.

“Square box, round pizza, triangle slices.
I’m confused…” 

8 thoughts on “Circle of Triangles”

  1. Great work with triangles it is a shape always needed. I too have stitched things to a board with pins and it is a bit of a problems with the hang up! I often wonder if using a curved carpet needle if you could find one small enough 🙂 would work.

  2. This is so very unique! Just amazing how it has all come together! I love the way you turned corners on the triangles – very neat. I can see a repeat of the circle motif in the center, but I don't know how the connections would work out!

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