Ramblings on Tatting Tea Tuesday

Believe it or not, I’ve actually finished the cross bookmark pattern.  For once everything went smoothly while I diagrammed it, and it was even finished a few days ago.  I’ve added the pattern to My Patterns page. Look for “April’s Cross Bookmark”.  
I’ve started a couple of new projects this week but neither are to a point I want to share them yet.  This is becoming a very busy month with several birthdays, Mother’s Day, and graduations to find gifts for.  I actually found the cross bookmarks I had lost – I’d put them in a safer place, where I could find them. Sure.  But they are found so I don’t have to rush so much for the graduations.  The birthdays are something else.  Not sure how those are going to go. 
This morning while I drank my tea (Twinnings of London’s Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea) I was sitting in the front yard enjoying the day before it gets really hot and watching the barn swallows try to get me to leave.  They have a nest on the side of the house and were trying to distract me from it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them but they fly and dart around pretty fast.  Also sharing my front yard today was a rather large turtle.  He was going through the tall grass (we need to mow) and I almost didn’t see him.  He was at least 12 inches long – around here, that’s a pretty big turtle.  What he was doing so close to the house I don’t know. I went back a little later and he had moseyed on to where ever he was going. Hopefully out of the yard, as my husband is supposed to mow tonight.
As I don’t have much tatting done this week I thought I’d share with you an edging I did a long time ago from thread my got from my grandmother.  She had some crocheting left on the ball, which will remain forever unfinished.  But I made a tatted edging for a napkin with it, which will always make me think of her.  She gave me the teapot when I was a little girl.  It presided over many tea parties over the years.  One day I hope to use it at a tea party with my granddaughter.
Tea parties with grandmother – happy memories in a teapot.

8 thoughts on “Ramblings on Tatting Tea Tuesday”

  1. Oh my! What a sweet story about the teapot and its legacy, and the thread for the wonderful edging! Is that your own edging pattern? Love the colors in it!

    And thank you so much for the excellent cross pattern (and all your other patterns!) Great drawings! I am so envious that you can do all these things! I finally investigated how to put tabs on my blog. I actually put a tab on a private blog that I have but I haven't done so on my tatting blog yet I also have to figure out how to do a pdf file. That's after I successfully draw a pattern !

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