Mother’s Day Tatting

Did everyone have a nice Mother’s Day?
I did. We visited with my mother, my husband’s mother and a couple of special aunts. They were very nice visits.  We gave my MIL and aunts flowers but my mother got a hat pin.
This is made with a large button, Lizbeth #670 Victorian Red thread size 20, and gold beads.  It measures almost three inches across. 
For all this is just simple chains I had quite the time with it, making mistakes in counts, cutting a picot, getting the shuttle threads tangled.  You can see at the bottom where things just didn’t go quite right.  But overall it didn’t turn out too bad.  In person, stepping back a bit, the boo boo isn’t all that noticeable.  I also had such trouble with it I didn’t want to chance trying to fix it :-p.  I thought about trying to put a ribbon or flower or something over it to hide it but decided it was just going to have to be good enough. 
Mom liked it, so all is good.
After all the visits we went home and I spent most the afternoon and evening tatting *smile*. 
I had recently come across the bookmark I had made when I was in Branson, Missouri a few years ago and was inspired to tat it again. 
This is made with Lizbeth Twirlz #404 Mermaid Lagoon size 20.
This is the first time I’ve tried the Twirlz thread.  It tatted up very nicely and held up well when I was retro tatting.  I hadn’t been sure I was going to like it, and I might not like it for every pattern, but I do like it for this. 
I’ve added this pattern to My Patterns tab as Branson Bookmark.
The weatherman predicted there would be severe weather Sunday night and there was, but it missed us by a few miles.  We spent a lot of the evening keeping an eye on the weather and worrying about family and people we know in areas that were getting it worse than we did. We did get over an inch of rain out the storms, so it wasn’t all bad.
It was a good day, imperfections and all.
“Yes, Mother.  I can see you are flawed.  You have not hidden it.  That is your greatest gift to me.”
Alice Walker

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Tatting”

  1. Love the stick pin, and you had to go point out the mistake, that know one would have noticed, but I do that too! I agree, I like that twirls, but you do have to be selective about the pattern you choose for it. Thanks for the pattern, that book make is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog! Yes, both celebrations were low-key, which is exactly what we wanted. I'd like to put a digital photo book together with highlights of each year. Another project! I do take advantage of youtube and find it very helpful for learning things. My problem is that I spend too much time at the computer and none tatting!!! And with this new computer, I'm really spending time learning it. I had Google Chrome put on my older laptop because of th IE crisis, and now I have to learn about using that, too! It relly never ends!

    I'm hoping to put tabs at the top of my blog (when I get brave) and want to have a patterns page, as you have! I've been doing some drawings, but they're not ready for Prime Time yet!

    Love the button! I'm guessing all the chains are done in one round. The beads are the perfect touch!

    Also, the bookmark looks great in the Twirlz thread. I thought there were beads in there, but apparently it's the variegation in the thread! Very nice of you to share the pattern.

  3. I am glad you had a good Mother's Day! Your tatted pin in amazing, even if you have a boo boo or two. And your new bookmark looks wonderful in green.
    Isn't it wonderful that you have such an enjoyable pastime?

  4. Wanda,
    I want to let you know that you won the Black and Gray Giveaway over at A Swap For All Seasons! If you would kindly email your mailing address to me at I will send your package off to you! Thanks for visiting and I do hope you'll join in on one of our monthly card and tag swaps! And by the way, you do such beautiful tatting 🙂 Linda

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