A good idea

It has been a very busy week and I’ve not gotten much tatting done.  Between being busy and all the things going on in the weeks before I’ve lost some of my motivation and my plans for future projects.
And somewhere in the last couple of weeks I’ve also lost the bookmarks I usually have on hand to give away as gifts.  So I thought it would be a good idea to start my stash again and an excellent way to start getting back into the swing of things. 

Cross bookmark made with Lizbeth #184 Rainbow splash size 20.
The shuttle is a Moonlit, about 2.75″ without the hook.
Cross bookmark made with Lizbeth color #658 Ocean Turquoise Lt. size 20.
The shuttle is a Boye, about 2.75″ long.
The top arm is different than the first cross because I was distracted and made the turn a little early.  I didn’t want to unpick anything so I kept going. I think it was a good idea.
Another good idea would be to put up my feet, sip a little tea, and tat a bit, perhaps another cross…
An itty bitty tatted doily is size 70 thread and an itty bitty tea set.

9 thoughts on “A good idea”

  1. That is a beautiful turquoise.

    I do empathize – I am forcing myself to work on the Clover pattern, but am actually rather uninspired. Plus, other than the Renulek, I cannot get excited about anything in the vast assortment of pattern books on my shelf! Spring fever, perhaps?

  2. Hello Wanda, I am sorry your week has left you weary! But sometimes, that is how it goes. Yes, put your feet up and have some tea and rest. Your crosses are really lovely! You have such a way with treads.
    That is a teeny tiny tat! A doll house would be lucky to have such fine things!

    1. Thanks. I didn't have a pattern with me when I started so it's just something I came up with, hoping it would be just a little different than what I'd done before.

  3. I also wondered about the cross pattern as I have never seen it before. Very nice design, and I especially like the blue version. The tiny tea set is adorable and the doily is perfect for it. You don't seem unmotivated to me!

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