Tatted Lion

Do you remember all those weddings I went to last year?  Surprise, surprise, now several babies are on the way.  Of course, I have to see if I can come up with something to tat for the new babies.
One of those new brides, our niece, was given a baby shower this last weekend.  I had two weeks to make something for her (the baby isn’t due for another month or so).  They have decorated the baby’s room with “The Lion King” so I started thinking, lion, meerkat, warthog, that type of thing.  I happen to come across Jennifer Williams’ lion pattern and thought “this is it!”
© 2008 Jennifer Williams 
Tatted by Wanda Salmans March 2014
This is how it looked before I put the glass on.  I wanted to take the picture without a reflection.  Then, while I was getting it ready to wrap I looked again and thought I would change it just a bit – then forgot to take another picture.
© 2008 Jennifer Williams 
Tatted by Wanda Salmans March 2014
This is how it ended up. Can you see the difference?   Look at the head, I added one more strand of mane.
The lion pattern is actually pretty easy.  Except for the mane and tail it is entirely rings and chains. The hardest part was just keeping track of where I was at any time. The tail is made with Split Ring Braid which I had never tried before.  It’s not really hard, either, but I kept pulling the wrong side through – again and again.  Jennifer has this technique on her page.  I did the mane a bit different than the pattern which are split ring stands; I added lots of picots then cut them open.  I also added a bit of fluff in front of the ear. 
I’m adding this as #12 of my current 25 Motif Challenge
The second picture is from the baby shower.  I’m hoping the parent’s-to-be like it.  There was a lot going on and they didn’t have a much time to look at it.  But I think it came out well.  
Now I have another couple of baby gifts to come up with.  And I just received a request for a decorated bag like I was making last fall.  And I have a couple of patterns that I’m trying to diagram for my pattern page.  And I’ve been having to work a lot of overtime.  And, and, and…!  I think I’m going to be busy for a while!
“I’m not busy… a woman with three children under the age of 10 wouldn’t think my schedule looks so busy.” 
Garrison Keillor

8 thoughts on “Tatted Lion”

  1. Your lion looks really good. The original was designed for a 90 year old friend a few years ago. She couldn't find a pattern for a lion anywhere – only little ones that fit on greetings cards. She wanted to tat it for one of her grandsons.

  2. Perfect rendition of the lion! The extra mane looks great! I've always admired the pattern and thought it was so nice of Jennifer to share it! I'm sure the parents will soon realize what a treasure it is!

    You're much too busy for me! I don't know how you manage!

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