Finishing small things

In the last month or so I’ve talked several times about using small threads and shown the beginnings of  my attempts with them.  I actually finished all three things I started with them.
I mentioned here about trying out a quilting thread. This is the completed piece.
Motif out of off-white quilting thread.
It is a pretty basic clover and chain pattern that I just doodled. 
In this post I talked about using Gütermann thread.
Motif in Gütermann silk quilting thread.
This motif was also made without referring to a pattern. 
In this same post I showed a shuttle that was given to me that was already loaded with a pink and white variegated thread, maybe size 70 or 80. I was wondering if I should make a small doily with it. 
Unknown thread size or brand.
This little three-round piece.was the hardest to make due to thread breakage.  I think it has to do with the age of the thread.  The first two rounds went well, with little trouble, but the thread started breaking on the last round.  In fact the thread broke as I connected the last chain to the base of the first ring so closely I glued it instead of hiding the ends.

Here are the three pieces together with a regular Clover shuttle to show the sizes of the finished pieces. 
It was quite the experience working with these small threads.  For whatever reason prior to this I was pretty leery of working with anything this small, but now I have some ideas for making several things in small thread – if I ever get to them. My to-do list keeps growing and growing.
“Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.”
Og Mandino

11 thoughts on “Finishing small things”

  1. Those tiny threads become addictive; I cannot seem to go back to even a #40 very easily because I am getting so used to the #80 thread. : )

  2. I love how dainty and delicate it is. I use to use the tiny balls of tatting thread. Does anyone remember them? I found them only in white. I don't know what size it was but it seemed to be smaller than heavy sewing thread. I have a lot of sewing thread and I saw somewhere years ago to strengthen old thread put it in a ziplock bag and into the freezer for 4-7 days. It has worked for me. That reminds me, I need to do that again but with my Lizbeth and crochet thread.

  3. Gorgeous little motifs, I have not tried these thin threads, my eyes don't really like very thin thread apart from using them for sewing. I have used two strands of embroidery thread to tat but that was some years ago. Perhaps when I get over the eye op I might give these threads a try.
    Well done tatting with the thin threads, Like you my tatting list just grows and never gets any shorter.

  4. Wanda, these are so lovely! You do a beautiful job!
    Thank you for stopping by for tea. I wanted to share back with you that the handwriting also reminded my of my grandmother's handwriting too!

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