Another bag!

My sign at the craft show
The show was fun but disappointing in sales.  There also didn’t seem to be as many people as I was expecting.  We saw people making purchases but few walking around with many packages so I would say I wasn’t the only one that didn’t do well.  I do like how my sign turned out 🙂  One of the other venders came over at the end of the show just to check us out because she liked the sign.
I decorated another bag (are you tired of them yet?), this time with a snowman.  I like how the scarf came out. I realized after I had cut out the material for the snowman it was too busy to add face and buttons but it still came out rather cute.
I guess I’m farther along on Christmas gifts now than I thought I would be – as long as I give bags anyway. 
“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”
Erma Bombeck

3 thoughts on “Another bag!”

  1. Wow, they all came out really well and look so nice! It must be the economy, or weather to make not a good showing of people. Cause they couldn't get more cute than that, my favorite is snowman, birds and apple!

  2. I am sorry to say we are both having the same, I did a craft show two weeks ago and it was the same, two tables beside me took nothing at least I did take enough to pay for my table. Your sign and bags look great, another day you might sell loads, it's just the way things go in this day and age.

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