The birds and the – teacups

I so enjoyed decorating the small bag the other day that I have decided to do a few more.

Originally my idea was to have a shape in material as a background then decorate it with small bits of tatting and maybe a few buttons.  The idea with these was that they would be quick and easy to do.   

I have the general idea for them, I just can’t make up my mind for the particulars!

I thought this was a cute idea, but some of the ‘snowflakes’ look more like flowers.
I’m not sure they look ‘finished’ yet.  I think I still have a little work to do. 
Autumn has finally arrived here.

Looking out my backdoor.  I love the different shades of color in the trees.

This was just over a week ago when the trees were still almost completely dark green then. You can see how dark even through the snow.

Maybe I should decorate a bag with a snowbird…
“It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.”

9 thoughts on “The birds and the – teacups”

  1. You can make those single-ring snowflakes look less flower-like by sewing the picots down into points. Just take a single stitch at the end of each picot, stretching the picot out straight.

    The way you've got it now with those lengths of thread above the cup makes it look like steam rising off the hot beverage. I wonder if you could tat some little swirls that would be easier to sew down to make some steam.

  2. Wow I for get where do you live? I'll check your profile next:) those bags are adorable I wouldn't change a thing! love the bird wing on bird, and the other reminds me of hot chocolate!

  3. Very cute idea! (I meant to comment on your 'heart' bag, which was so delightful! Lucky little girl!) There are endless possibilities! Lots of quilting appliques out there to embellish with tatting! Did you sew the bird and cup on? You could always iron them on to make it easier. But it's a bit labor intensive to sew the tatting on! Not exactly a 'quick' project, even though the bags are pre-made.

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