Tatting Tea Tuesday

This morning while checking my Facebook I found this page that had some lovely teapots!  How appropriate for Tatting Tea Tuesday, don’t you think?  
Teapot found on Facebook

I’ve had a very busy two weeks for various reasons, and my sister even more so.  She has been planning and crafting for a craft show that was Saturday, June 8.  Other things happened that put a crimp in her time for getting things ready, but with all the money and time she’d already invested she couldn’t not go.  She said she would take some of my things if I wanted, even though I couldn’t go.  It was an outside show held in Hutchinson, KS.   They were only allowing one hour (!) of setup time before the show so we had to make the setup easy.  My husband and I had lent her our pop-up and wind screen, which was definitely needed.  I didn’t want her to have to work very hard on my stuff and I was having trouble coming up with a display that was easy for her to put out.  I finally came up with this. 

This is an upside-down cardboard box with the flaps taped open to make it taller.  I stitched two lines of thread on each of two sides from which I hung my items.  Then I carefully folded up the material and put it inside the box.  It didn’t take much time to set it out!
Unfortunately the show did not go well.  It was poorly planned and the location was awful.  It was not in a place that encouraged or had much traffic that would be interested in crafty items.  Then there was the weather – it was sunny and windy.  I think the gusts were getting to about 45 mph.  My sister said she and the other crafters spent most of their time trying to keep their items from blowing away or chasing those that did.  Between the wind and lack of people all of the crafters packed up and left about noon instead of staying to 4:00 PM as planned.  She was very disappointed. She is now trying to find a show that isn’t too far away and inside.  
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4 thoughts on “Tatting Tea Tuesday”

  1. That is one of the things that happen at craft shows, I have been doing a table for years, I always pick ones inside, as the UK weather is not the best for planning for fine days. I am afraid but it seems people around the world do not have money to spend, it's not necessarily the location, in the past it could have been good, but now with the lack of money it's the best. All I can say is you get good and bad days, don't be too disheartened these things happen, you learn the best places and the worse places and not go back. The cost of the tables can vary greatly set yourself a limit on the cost of the table and find out if its outside or inside and decied if its worth doing a table at the craft fair. If its a regular place go and check it out before booking if possible.
    Good luck on the next one. I use a book to display my bookmarks so people know they are bookmarks.

  2. That was a great idea for a quick setup! And I agree with Margaret that it is not necessarily the location or the weather, although weather IS important. We've had beautiful weather and low attendance. I also realize that many are just going for a stroll, like window shopping. The cost of the table is hugely important. Our group shares the cost, which makes it easier. And although I am delighted when someone buys an item I've made, I simply just enjoy talking about tatting. And fortunately it's pure hobby for me and not a needed source of income. Hope she has better luck next time!

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