A bigger project

I have started a big project just for me.  I’ve been thinking about trying this for a long time but there has always been other project/ideas that seemed more important.  
Garden 10 Nazli Gelin in size 10 white

The beginning.  The collar of a vest. 

It has evolved a bit since I started, due to a fortuitous miscalculation.  A decision in stitch count for one row, which put more curve to it than planned,  then changing at that particular place to see if it worked better.  Hmm, that looked pretty good.  Repeated the extra stitches on the other end which gave it a nice shape that I hadn’t planned but looks like it might work very well.  Time will tell.
Have you seen the tutorial that Kathy has made on interlocking rings? I’ve given it a quick try and admit I haven’t quite got it.  I’m pretty sure I’m rushing it instead of taking it slow.  My bad.  I will try again, hopefully with a little more care and a lot less rushing.

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the starts.”
Les Brown.

I had this almost completely ready last week but got caught up in all the things that have been happening both in Boston and in Texas.  My prayers go out to all that have been affected by these tragedies.

4 thoughts on “A bigger project”

  1. I've stated before that I don't know how you find time to do all that you do! The collar looks great so far!

    Also pleased that you're trying the interlocking rings. I hope you'll see that they really are easy, and the rewinding of the shuttle doesn't take that long. I used to stress out about the last ring until I realized it's done the same way as the others. The thread comes out over top of the ring and is placed on the hand the same way. But first you just have to take a few minutes to unwind and rewind the shuttle. You could finger-tat the last ring, but I don't mind rewinding the shuttle. Also you might want to try a 12-12 ring.

    The events of last week in Boston and Texas caused all of us to pause once again about the dangers all around us. Very sobering.

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