The Shape of Hearts

Welcome to my little piece of Tat Land on this Tatting Tea Tuesday.  Today as I sip Candy Cane Lane tea from my snowman mug I am pondering the shape of hearts. 
I made these four hearts this last week.  All are ones I’ve done previously in the last couple of years, though the top three were modified just a little bit, and all are my patterns.  All are made in Lizbeth size 20 #644 Boysenberry dk.

The top one is one end of my “Heart’s Honor” book mark with the top redone to be a stand-alone heart.  I think the top works well like this.  I added a couple of rings at the top thinking I might wear it as a pendant though it’s a little larger than I would normally wear. Maybe it would be better as a pin or brooch?  Beads would look really good on it.  I actually like the shape of the inner heart better than I like the finished piece but it just didn’t look finished without that last round. 

The heart on the left I made last year for Valentine’s day.  It started out as one end of a bookmark that eventually turned into “Heart’s Honor”.  I changed the stitch count on a few of the rings which changed it’s shape just a little bit.  I’m pretty happy with this heart, though the top center could still use a little help: I think it could come down a little bit, more like the original did.  
The heart on the right is from February 2011.  Originally I did make it with beads and a slightly different stitch count which has changed the look a bit, now being a bit more narrow.  I like the top better than the one on the left but to me it’s a bit too narrow overall.  I didn’t put beads in it this time around as I was not tatting it at home, but would probably use them the next time I make it. 
The bottom one is “Joy’s Heart” from my previous post.  This is my favorite of the four as the shape is the closest to my ideal of a heart shape. I haven’t yet made it with beads like Michelle has but I’m sure I will in the future.  Actually I’ve made quite a few of them already but I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with all of them. I did put one on a cord, wearing it as a necklace.  Looks pretty good that way.

I haven’t tried making any one else’ heart patterns yet this year, though I’m thinking about trying Jane’s button heart.  I did start on her TIAS for this year though. She posted Day 2 today but I haven’t had time to do it yet.  I’ll post pictures another day.

Are you planning on making hearts for Valentine’s Day this year?  Have you started yet? What is your favorite heart shape?

It’s quite a surprise to me that I have already started as I’m usually only getting started the week of February 14.  And I’m not done yet!

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.”  
Helen Keller

6 thoughts on “The Shape of Hearts”

  1. These hearts are all wonderful! You definitely have a great talent for designing!

    My niece's birthday is on Valentine's Day so she always gets 'heart' cards and gifts from me, even for Christmas. I can't help myself! I did give her a small tatted heart pendant a few years ago, and put some tatting on a heart-shaped fabric trinket box. She's 25 this year and about to be married in the Fall, so more heart items coming up! No doubt I'll do a special tatted heart in white or in her colors (whatever they will be) for her wedding, and put it in a frame with her wedding invitation. So many possibilities!

  2. Your hearts are lovely. I have tatted two different heart patterns (not including doodles). They are here and here. As my tatting skills progress, maybe I can champion one of your patterns, too!!!

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