Variations on a charm

I have continued making charms for the craft show coming up this weekend, but I’ve also been making a few earrings.  These earrings are just a little more elaborate than the wine glass charms, but still just chains around a doodad.  With beads.  

The colors are not showing up true to life.  The four on the left are Christmas Red, Lizbeth # 671, the center two are Navy Blue, Lizbeth # 654 and the four on the right are Burgundy, Lizbeth # 672.  They are all in size 20. 
As most people seem to like silver jewelry instead of gold right now I’ve been doing most of the charms and  earrings in silver.  I have made a few things with gold centers and beads because they just look so good in them.
I’ve not been checking out too many blogs the last week or so.  I just get sucked in and go from one to another and totally loose track of time.  And I’m a bit short on time right now!  I’ve tatted a lot of the charms, now I need to put the rings on them.  And do some more earrings.  And a few other things I’m wanting to get done for the show.  Then there are a few things I can’t not do, like cook once in a while, do a little laundry, that type of thing.  The good news is I’ve taken this week off from work to get some crafting done.  I’m not sure just how much I’ll actually get done, but certainly more than if I was having to go to work. 
After the craft show is over I’ll be concentrating on getting things done for Christmas.  And  cleaning my house, which has been very much neglected.  I have thread, beads and other miscellaneous crafty things all over the place – imagine that!
“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” C.S. Lewis

5 thoughts on “Variations on a charm”

  1. I LOVE these earrings! They should go fast! The doodad craze has very much helped to give tatting a boost! I'm now seeing doodads wherever I go and have to keep myself from buying more than I already have!

    I got kind of exhausted reading this! I'm on a similar but not quite as frenzied schedule. I'm trying not to put myself under too much pressure for the two major events coming up. Fortunately DH and I are invited to two Thanksgiving dinners so I don't have that stress on me, although I cook every day. But I am trying to tat some pendants and some ornaments to sell. It certainly helps that you have a week off from work!

  2. Great earrings! I understand completely what you're saying about getting sucked into reading blogs. There just aren't enough hours in the day. I may have to give up tatting and blogging for… shudder… cleaning! I'm afraid the dust bunnies are taking over!

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